Seohyun shocked Yonghwa with her own version of ‘Banmal Song’

On MBC’s ‘We Got Married (WGM)’ aired on March 26th, Seohyun and Yonghwa enjoyed their final date as the ‘married’ YongSeo couple. They were given a final mission entitled ‘Give each other a happy day as a gift’.

In this episode, which was the first part of their final story, YongSeo recalled their first ‘dating’ place; CN Blue’s practice room. Seohyun who had forgotten how to play the guitar at the beginning, started performing with the guitar singing the ‘Banmal Song’ with her own lyrics.

Seohyun said, “Jung Yonghwa seemed to be disappointed that I have not used banmal (informal form) with him up to this day”. Yonghwa then said, “I was simply touched that she prepared the song for me. I was totally surprised by the lyrics.”

Also, in this broadcast, the couple tried to reenact the day when they first met.

Shared by: YoonTeuki @SMTownJjang

3 responses to “Seohyun shocked Yonghwa with her own version of ‘Banmal Song’

  1. Honestly, in that episode, Seohyun nearly made me cry.. If i was moved witout being there, i bet Yonhwa feels it more than me since they’ve been on the show for a year already.

  2. Seohyun is really good in creating event or things that surprises Yonghwa. She really exerted great effort to learn how to play the guitar well & sang Banmal song with her own lyrics. What a beautiful sight to see her husband happy & amazed on what his wife did. Oh, what a joyous moment for the two of them bec. within themselves they know & understand the real meaning of the song. Yongseo forever!!!

  3. Seohyun puts 200% into everything that she does and I think just about every man in Korea has fallen in love…..every mother too! lol

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