15 responses to “[VID/ENGSUB] WGM Seohyun-Yonghwa “Yongseo” Couple Ep.50 + Preview

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  2. The English translation of this episode made me more sad & painful to see them part. I want to cry really hard to release the suppressed emotions that I had since learning about the news weeks ago about the end of a beautiful love story of the Yongseo couple in WGM. The staff of WGM will create another couple but Yongseo couple is irreplaceable in our hearts & mind bec. they showed us the real meaning of pure, innocent, & true love. They are really good people with good hearts, an unmatched tandem. Yongseo couple, i love you very much!!! God bless.

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  4. I really really thank you for subbing this ep. YongSeo couple FOREVER 🙂 In their heart, in our heart…SO SAD

  5. (T^T)
    I’m really sad even just read the comments *before I watched it,coz of my slow networking*
    I really hope they’ll always keep in touch, they fill each others
    Anyway, thanks a lot for subbing The YongSeo Couple episodes.

  6. Woooww.. This is very sweet episode.. They are really close now. We can all see that hyun is comfortable to be with yong. Why they have to separated? Please let them have another program.. Xixixiii.. Maybe about raising a baby. *my wishfull thinking ;p
    Yongseo.. I hope you two will be together in real life, too 🙂

    it feels like they’ve just begun although it’s already been a year…it feels like YongSeo has just begun…I want to rewind time, I really want them to go back and have all those precious memories again and many more to come and share…YongSeo HWAITING!! I really really really hope they keep in contact, I really hope they stay together…I don’t think anyone wants YongSeo to end at this moment…they’ve become so dear to me…I don’t think any couple would be able to replace them…
    they showed how a real pure and innocent love starts…and what I liked most about them is that FATE was on their side…unlike KhunToria and Adam couple, they didn’t choose each other from the beginning they just happened to end up together and that’s what makes this relationship so beautiful…everything was like baby steps, slowly just falling for each other…I don’t think any couple would be able to replace them….I’m a YongSeo shipper forever…I don’t think I’ll give up on this couple…

  8. 😥
    just hearing about the end makes me wanna cry 😥
    i dont want this to end 😥
    they are the best couple EVER
    why isnt this a life time marrige??
    they can choose to get married
    they alrady know each other like wife and huzband .. just a piece of paper would make them officially MARRIED
    who aggres with me??

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