Former SM Entertainment trainee Jang Ha Jin talks about SNSD’s YoonA

Former SM Entertainment trainee, Jang Ha Jin was recently interviewed through the phone and revealed stories about SNSD’s YoonA.

Jan Ha Jin had trained with SM Entertainment as a future SNSD member for three years, before deciding to quit her potential musical career in order to put her full attention on her studies. During a broadcast last year, she was asked why she quit her trainee life. Jan Ha Jin replied with, “I wanted to study so much.”

Though she’s now a KAIST student, Jang Ha Jin reflected fondly over her trainee years, especially upon her special relationship with SNSD’s YoonA.

She mused, “I thought YoonA unnie was so pretty when I first saw her. She always looked like a barbie doll. She had a darker complexion back then, but at the time she gave off a very exotic feel, which made her look even prettier.”

“I thought she was a saint. She always had a very calm and gentle nature about her, so she didn’t know how to talk bad about someone. In the three years I trained with her, I never once saw her get angry at someone else.”

Jan Ha Jin further explained, “Unnie is really good at doing gagman imitations, and she was always a mood maker because she could create a smooth atmosphere with her juniors. She had this great talent of being able to do what our training teacher told us to do really quickly.”

Source: TV Daily via Nate


One response to “Former SM Entertainment trainee Jang Ha Jin talks about SNSD’s YoonA

  1. I never really understood the love for Yoona, but the more I see her and get to know her, the more I’ve come to love her also!

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