The Lead Role For SM’s Drama…TVXQ? Super Junior?

SM Entertainment has revealed that it will be producing a teen drama, set to air this summer, and many are already attempting to guess who will play the lead roles.

The drama SM is planning to produce is ‘Hana-Kimi (For You in Full Blossom)’, based off a popular Japanese comic book series that was published from 1996 till 2004 and sold over 17 million copies worldwide.

The comic book series, which is well-known amongst domestic comic book fanatics, has already been dramatized in Taiwan as ‘The Tricks of Boys and Girls’ in 2006. Following this, Japan also recreated the series into a drama and titled it ‘For You in Full Blossom: Paradise of Beautiful Men’. Both dramas recorded high viewer ratings in their respective countries and SM has recently bought the rights to the drama.

As news spread of SM’s new venture, fans have already begun to take a guess at who will play the lead roles. ‘For You in Full Blossom’ will be a comical and bright teen drama that takes places in a all-boys high school and will deal with the love, friendship and dreams of beautiful men. With the plot revolving around a girl who dresses up like a boy and enters the high school, one female lead role is needed as well as several male lead roles.

Fans expect to see a mass appearance by members of TVXQ, Super Junior and SHINee. BoA, Lee Yeon Hee, Ara, Girls’ Generation and f(x) members are the candidates for the female lead role.

Regarding this, a SM representative stated on the 10th that, “Nothing has been decided upon in terms of the cast,” and “Though there is a possibility that we will bring in idols from other entertainment agencies to appear in the drama as well as SM singers, it is too early to confirm or deny anything.”

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3 responses to “The Lead Role For SM’s Drama…TVXQ? Super Junior?

  1. Hope the lead role is :
    – sungmin and sunny
    – Minho and krystal
    – onew and Luna
    – if jaejoong still in dbsk, it will be nice if he paired up with boa

    Gah Can’t wait!!!!!

  2. expected hana kimi will have a korean flower over boy and playful kiss.after taiwan and japan version korea will also have her own version.anticipate,i hope will be suju acting but i think the u-know suit the male lead

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