Leaked photo of S.M.’s new boy group, codenamed M1

M1 was the codename SNSD trained under, and it looks like S.M. is expecting big things from this group of seven boys as well. Reportedly, this group will also include Jino from S.M. The Ballad, and will debut in March. Netizens have been referring to them as “Land of Boys” or “Boy’s Heaven.”


shared by Michelle L. @SMTownJjang


23 responses to “Leaked photo of S.M.’s new boy group, codenamed M1

  1. i’m so excited. because this group was made by SM. It’s 4 years from SNSD debut. And it’s from 8 years from TVXQ debut. I dont know why SM made group like this because just 4 years they’ll make a group with perfect member (dancing, singing,..) And SM pay a lot of attention and money for them (than other group) So just waiting to see how TALENT they are 🙂 Hope their music.

  2. Yeah, very excited!!! I know that Jino will debut in this group after his representation in SM The Ballad last December!!!

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  4. I’m so excited! Since Jino’s in this group they must be really good. But then again, majority of SM can sing well anyways. They said they were going to debut in March and there’s only a week of March left. Maybe April?

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  6. Thank god their coming out with a new boy group and NOT another girl group! There’s too many of those popping up right now. A rest would be nice! lol

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  8. i’m very excited, and guys i wouldn’t believe in rumours, you don’t even know if these are the same boys the accounts spoke about

  9. Naaah.. I don’t know yet..I don’t fully believe all those rumors but you can’t help to get affected…

  10. well exo have already debuted and from the looks of this group it seems like a 7 boys group, there has been rumors that sm will debut another group after exo in the fall in the same year and it will include jino, moonkyu & seo young ho, that’s all i know but these might not be true 😛

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