11 responses to “[VID/ENG] [ENGSUB] WGM Seohyun-Yonghwa “Yongseo” Couple Ep.49 + Preview

  1. it’s about to end TT_TT!!!
    I’m crying my eyes out now.
    it’s been so fun to wait for sunday afternoon when the two couples’ episode have eng sub to watch.
    haiz…now they’re gone and the new couple haven’t been on yet.
    i think hey are wrapping up season two and have all the couples leaving the show to end it.
    when will it come back again?

  2. huaaa,,, i feel really sad… T_T dont want them too end. especially at part 3 of the vid when they’re seem so close together. there isnt any awkwardness between them, they’re just become real couple. and now it all have to end. i really really really hope they’ll be real ^^

    Yongseo fighting…..

  3. Yonghwa, you’re great, no words can describe the lovely gesture you did for beautiful Seohyun. Will you be happy without her in your life? You have done everything a man should do for his ladylove, are you ready to end this beautiful & unforgettable chapter of your life? Seohyun is one of a kind, really one of the best human being that I have seen & knew through her good image in WGM, I admire her so much. Oh,what a waste to end this amazing & awesome love story. Hope someday the two will end up together for life bec. these two people match well in all aspects. I love you, Yongseo couple!!!

  4. I feel like this couple is ending so abruptly! I don’t think it’ll be a satisfying ending at all. It just seems rushed and I thought they filmed a few episodes between this one and the ending so I don’t know why the refuse to show them? Anyway, I’m beyond sad to see this couple go! More so than any other couple on WGM. They weren’t the lovey dovey type of hysterical couple, but somehow I became the most attached to them. Yongseo Forever<3333!

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