Korean agencies to hold an emergency meeting on the 14th to discuss Japanese activities

Japan experienced a devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake on March 11th, which consequently lead to a halt in everyone’s promotional activities. It was recently revealed that Korean entertainment agencies will be holding an emergency meeting with their Japanese counterparts in order to discuss the future of their scheduled activities.

Last weekend, Korean entertainment agencies spent the majority of their time attempting to get in contact with their Japanese labels through SNS in order to check on their wellbeing. However, business discussions will resume on the 14th through that formal meeting.

A representative of SM Entertainment revealed, “We were more concerned with the health of our Japanese employees so we did not discuss any business-related matters.  On the 14th, we will begin meeting and discussing.” The representative went to explain that SNSD is currently scheduled to release ‘Mr. Taxi‘ in April, and SHINee’s Japanese debut was planned for May.

A representative of JYP Entertainment commented, “We have a meeting scheduled for the morning of the 14th.  As the situation is very severe, we will be making a careful decision.“  2PM recently returned to Korea after completing their round of promotions and do not have future Japanese activities scheduled for the time being.  Employees in JYP Japan also made their return to Korea after the earthquake.

A representative of YG Entertainment stated, “We could not get in contact with our Japanese label last weekend so we will be discussing business-related matter on the 14th.” 2NE1 was reported to have returned to Korea on the 12th after going through the earthquake on the 11th.

A representative of Cube Entertainment revealed,  “Our Tokyo label has resumed operation.  We will, however, be discussing the matter further today and finalize a decision within the day.” B2ST is officially scheduled for their debut on the 16th.

Nega Network will also be holding an emergency meeting on the 14th to discuss the Brown Eyed Girls‘ schedule next week, as the girls are currently scheduled for press interviews and other activities.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver


One response to “Korean agencies to hold an emergency meeting on the 14th to discuss Japanese activities

  1. I was wondering when this would come up. But it doesn’t surprise me that they wanted to respect the tragedy of what’s going on first before they address business. So many promotions are suppose to be schedule this year for idols in Japan. First up.. is the encore of smtown tokyo in April. I have tickets myself and planned to fly over there. But I am worried now what’s it gonna be like if/when I get there. SNSD also has a japan tour scheduled in May. I don’t know if they can cancel the tour? But I think a good idea would be to have some or all of the proceeds go to help Japan. Either that or postpone the concert. But I do hope before they decide anything they let fans know asap.

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