f(x)’s Luna trained like BoA during her trainee years

f(x)’s Luna astounded her castmates on MBC’s “Come to Play” after she revealed the intensive training regime she had endured during her trainee years.

Luna explained that during her trainee years, she drove herself so hard that she experienced double nosebleeds. In order to be like her role model, BoA, Luna said she practiced really hard after hearing that BoA had frequent nosebleeds because of her intense training. Luna had said to herself, “I want to have nosebleeds too.

She continued, “After practicing until the early morning for several months, I finally got a nosebleed. I reached my goal.

Later on in the episode, Luna also allowed her castmates to go through her personal bag. They discovered a diary and several notebooks detailing her busy practice schedule and throat-maintaining rules. Reportedly, the entire cast exclaimed with admiration at the extremely self-disciplined idol.

The full episode will air on March 14th

Source: Star News via Nate


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