[VIDEO] WGM Victoria-Nichkun “Khuntoria” Couple Ep.36!



7 responses to “[VIDEO] WGM Victoria-Nichkun “Khuntoria” Couple Ep.36!

  1. Thank U for sharing…Victoria so shy….Why???
    do u not like nichkun???
    so sweet this video…
    i love U more and more kuntoria…

  2. at 4:29, the male dancer said “oh!they really kissed!I really saw!They really did it!”

    did they really kiss?hahahaha!!
    it’ll be their first kiss!!

  3. Well, they didnt kiss..really..Khun just kissed Vis’ forehead. Saw it on a khuntoria fansite.
    Seeing Yongseo couple wedding photoshoot, I cant wait for Khuntoria’s!! I have a feeling it would be lovely and beautiful 😀

  4. well.. i think this episode should be aired last year right??? n they were airing it now???

    n if you see from the clip where chansung said about the clip they saw in the housewarming party… So it means all the khuntoria part for this 2011 year was done last year…
    n this new year they haven’t seen each other????

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