SJM in Taiwan To Promote New Album, Eight Missing One, SM Entertainment stresses there was no breach in contract

Super Junior sub-group Super Junior-M (SJ-M) who came to promote their new Manadrin mini album, held a press conference after reaching Taipei on the 24th. However, it was eight* missing one, as Chinese member Zhoumi had problems with his visa. SJ-M’s Taiwanese agency, Fulong Agency, also issued a statement in regards to the previous day’s incident where Taiwan concert organizers wanted to file a lawsuit. They expressed that initially, the Korean agency did not directly sign the contract and at that time, the activities in Taiwan were done according to the terms in the contract.

You could say that SJ-M’s schedule is filled, although there is one less person. However, when they arrived at the press conference, they were still teasing and singing. Moreover, their record company arranged to have the Japanese LOVE bunny on stage, in lieu of the Year of the Rabbit. But the LOVE bunny could have been too nervous and accidentally fell down. SJ-M members hurriedly rushed to help it up, and became the lucky “Rabbit fans”. Siwon, who was a Rabbit**, looked especially happy and revealed that Sungmin’s nickname was “Bunny”. The group of men held the auspicious couplets and took a photo with the LOVE bunny. As usual, they used Mandarin and said that they would work hard.

In addition, with regards to the incident on the 23rd where the concert organizers wanted to sue SJ, their agency SM Entertainment made a statement through the Taiwanese agency, Fulong. They emphasised that SM Entertainment initally gave authority “KO Entertainment”, a Korean company. They also mentioned about the contract with HS Media, with regards to yesterday’s incident. At that time, it was already stated that one member may be unable to participate and perform. Moreover, last month’s contract between the Korean parties and the organizers did not have a clause that said “No performance in Taiwan for six months”. Also, the contract for SJ’s third concert tour was already signed with Taiwan organizer, Super Dome, in mid last year. SM Entertainment once again emphasised that there was no breach of contract, and other related violations.

After completing their short half-day promotional activites, SJ-M is scheduled to take Flight number BR217 to leave Taiwan at 9.30 am on the 25th. Two weeks after, SJ would hold their third concert tour for 3 days at Taipei Arena.

*- There are eight members in SJM. This was a reference to the number of members.
**- It means that he was born in the lunar Year of the Rabbit.

Source: Yahoo Taiwan
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Translation: ≈ tiηg♡

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