TVXQ U-Know Yunho’s Proud Of Being Dana’s Rapper + Backup Dancer

On February 15, TVXQ attended SBS ‘Strong Heart’, sharing with everyone various interesting stories that happened since their debut.

Changmin expressed, “Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Yunho-hyung have a lot of similarities in their everyday habits. Siwon likes to read English newspapers after he wakes up in the morning, but Yunho-hyung perches in front of the computer with one leg up, looking at the Economic news of the day.”

When Changmin first met Yunho, Yunho wasn’t really close with anyone because of his cool attitude. One time, Yunho said, “If you can’t persevere through, just leave.”During their initial dormitory life, Yunho would take Changmin to the living room and make him listen to Dana’s song he rapped and danced in. Not only that, he also dragged other trainees to listen as well.

Following that, Yunho showcased his 4-leaf clover tongue trick to everyone, causing surprised cheering from the guests. Changmin jokingly said, “Seeing one’s tongue like that is really weird.”

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