Lee Yeon Hee holds her first photo exhibition

On February 11th, actress Lee Yeon Hee debuted as a photographer through her first photo exhibition, which was held to celebrate of her 23rd birthday.

Done under the interesting theme of “TIME”, the exhibit featured photos taken from the perspective of someone who is usually on the other side of the lens.

A ‘three picture set’ of the face expressions and sel-ca poses the actresses loves best.

After arriving at 1:05 PM KST, Lee Yeon Hee took a breather before beginning preparations for her photo time and interview that were scheduled for 2 PM.

She claimed that she came across a film camera for the first time while working on her movie, “Romance Comic,” in 2008. While playing the role of a young woman in love with cameras, the actress herself became enamored with them shortly after and started her own hobby of photography. “I don’t like standardized things, or stuff enclosed in a cast. I like candid moments. Even if the focus isn’t quite right or the picture is blurry, the picture itself is just beautiful for what it is.”

Smiling for the camera

Although she’s a veteran of 10 years in her profession, she revealed that she was still met with fear when she decided to open her own photo exhibit. “A day before the exhibit was to start, I put up all the pictures at 12 AM and became scared, wondering whether the pictures looked awkward or not. I wasn’t able to sleep because I was afraid of what other people would think.”

When asked to explain the exhibit’s theme of ‘time,’ she explained, “It’s everything I’ve wanted and hoped for. The theme means that I want to run and play in a time full of the emotions that I want to express. And pictures capture exactly one moment in time.”

When someone called her a ‘photographer,’ Lee Yeon Hee shyly waved her hand no. “Professionals helped me a lot. I honestly thought it would be easy, but it was hard. I think the second time will be a lot harder as well.”

In front of her ‘self cut,’ Lee Yeon Hee turns to capture the camera once more.

At 3:10 PM, Lee Yeon Hee met with special guests of disabled visitors. Together, they toured the exhibit, and Lee Yeon Hee explained each photo and what it meant to her, sometimes even bending down for those in wheelchairs.

About 50 disabled visitors attended the exhibit, since all of the profits made by the sales of photos were to go towards a disabled charity, as well as 500 fans.

Lee Yeon Hee explaining her exhibition works to her special guests

The actress allowed fans to ask various questions ranging from the meaning behind some of her work, to how it was like filming for “Paradise Ranch.” She personally answered each question, and gave autographs for every visitor present.

Her relationship with the disabled visitors dates back to October of last year, when she was selected as the promotional ambassador for the “11th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival.

She explained, “I did volunteer work before, but once I became their honorary ambassador, I felt that I should be doing more. I wanted people to know that I wasn’t just a celebrity trying to promote myself, but someone that truly wanted to help.”

Choi Si Won and Kim Min Jong visit the exhibit in celebration of its opening.

At the arrival of some of her celebrity friends, Lee Yeon Hee greeted them warmly. Around 1:30 PM,SNSD’s JessicaYoona, and f(x)’Krystal arrived, followed by Super Junior’s Si Won at 4:30 PM and actor Kim Min Jong at 5 PM.

The minute she saw Si Won, they both exclaimed, “Oh!”  ‘Gentleman’ Si Won also didn’t forget to bring her a beautiful bouquet as well. When the actress took him on a tour, he showed avid interest in her work, continuously asking questions such as, “When was this taken?,” and “Is this scene a set?”

The first thing Kim Min Jong said was, “Wow~ so cool!“ On the spot, he purchased a photo, which was one suggested by Lee Yeon Hee to fit to the interior of his home.

Pouring coffee for a female fan

In an interview, the actress expressed that it was difficult in getting some of her other celebrity friends to make an attendance to the event. “Even top stars have trouble with invitations (laughter). Everyone was busy with a performance or filming. I’m actually an introvert, so I don’t usually keep in contact often, which made it even harder. I didn’t want them to think that I only contact them when I need something.”

She continued, “And on the first day, there’s a lot of attention from the press, so I understand that they might feel uncomfortable with that. There were a lot of different things I had to worry about since I’m in the position of inviting, not being invited.”

At 6 PM, Lee Yeon Hee took a break while eating chocolates given to her by a labelmate junior before beginning preparations for her fan meeting scheduled at 8 PM. While checking her upcoming schedules, it was obvious to anyone that the actress was filled with joy and anticipation over meeting her fans

Eating chocolates given by a junior
Doing checks before her fan meeting

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

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  1. I didn’t know much bout her until SMtown concert. She’s really pretty and talented! She looks like she could be BoA’s sister. hehe

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