TVXQ Choikang Changmin Reveals All

On February 8 with the broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Choikang Changmin confessed the reason for his massive charisma explosion for their ‘Why’ comeback stage.

He said, “During our comeback stage, the sound quality of my earpiece wasn’t good, so I couldn’t hear at all. I told the staff of the quality, but they misunderstood me and thought that it was great, so I stood on the stage without them fixing it.” He added, “Because of that, I was really frustrated as I couldn’t make out anything, but due to the confusion, my anger turned into an explosive charismatic stage.”

Changmin also revealed, “Up until this year, during the 8 years that I have debuted, I have always stuffed myself with food to reduce the pressure. But now, I have considered maintaining my form, so I have adjusted my diet.” Everyone knows that with Changmin’s tall stature and perfect looks, many were surprised with his thoughts on changing his diet.

In addition, U-Know Yunho was said to have been wearing lifts by Changmin, attracting the attention of many. Changmin expressed that his height was 185cm and Yunho’s was 183cm, exposing their actual heights.

Yunho defended himself by saying, “Standing beside the long-neck, tall-legged Changmin gives me a lot of pressure,” and received a few teases from the guest stars. He then honestly professed, “Because of that, I have always been using show lifts.”

Changmin then added, “It’s not just an ordinary shoe lift, because it’s like he’s walking on air,” to which Yunho attacked with, “Changmin uses those occasionally too!”

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