[NEWS] f(x)’s Luna bursts into tears from harsh criticism on MBC “Enjoy Today”

During a recent recording of MBC TV “Enjoy Today”, it was reported that guest star f(x)’s Luna caused the filming to come to a halt after she burst into tears in front of the judging panel.

The show was recording a special episode called ‘3rd Music Project – Enjoy Rock,’ where the cast were to battle it out against each other by performing a new song by singers Kim Jong Seo and Yoon Do Hyun. The judging panel consisted of some of the greatest Korean artists, Yoon Hyun Sang, In Sooni, and the nation’s rock music representatives Kim Jong Seo and Yoon Do Hyun.

The first stage of the audition saw performances by new guest stars Luna, racing model Goo Ji Sung and actress Hong Soo Hyun, making the audition set even more intense with the fierce competition.

However, after Luna’s performance, the judge panel pierced Luna with a harsh comment, “You lack a sense of understanding of music.” As a result, Luna bursted into tears and caused the recording to come to a pause.

The full episode will air this coming February 6th at 5:20 PM KST.

Source: TV Report via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

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5 responses to “[NEWS] f(x)’s Luna bursts into tears from harsh criticism on MBC “Enjoy Today”

  1. What so shocking about this? She always cries anyways.. everytime I watch her she always cries for some reason..mostly it’s because she cant sing better then the person…like for instance the Charice incident…I dont get her really. Keep on crying..im tired of it

    • hey, your words are kind a harsh.. If you don’t like the way she act, say it nicely don’t be so harsh with your words. Your heart are not going into 2 piece right if she always cry ..

    • Try hearing that you don’t understand what you really love doing.

      Charice is a global singer no kpop idol can keep up with her, much more like a person who was casted for her dancing skills(Luna). If you really watched and understand that show you’d see that she was surprised with the comparison. thus she cried.

      But , right now Luna is probably one of the greatest kpop singers. watch king of the mask and see how under rated she is,

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