[NEWS] What makes SHINee’s Onew an extraordinary person?

An explanation of the touching deeds SHINee’s Onew has done was recently compiled by a fan. Drawing on numerous examples from throughout his life, the kindness and dedication of SHINee’s leader has proven to be truly endless.

Onew would often visit CD game shops when he was younger so that he could play games for free. Because he felt embarrassed for always playing the games without paying, he eventually purchased the game CD. He did not, however, own the game player for the game.

In elementary school, Onew always became teary-eyed when he wrote letters to his parents because he would remember how late and hard his parents worked. Later in middle school, he would often assist his parents at work instead of hanging out with his friends.

When he entered SM Academy in high school, Onew also took on part-time jobs, including delivering newspapers, to help his parents financially. Besides ranking second in his last year of high school, he became the vice president of the class and achieved consistently high-ranking grades.

His daily schedule in high school included: waking up at dawn to swim or walk to school, paying attention during school, going to train at SM Academy while still in uniform, and going home to jumping rope 1,000 times.

After his debut, Onew is still the same humble and hardworking person as before. Whether it be his performances or “Night Star” recordings, Onew always greets everyone with a smile. He tries to help others whenever possible.

During one “Night Star” recording, blood was donated. Onew even greeted and thanked fans who did not donate blood. Also, because Onew has had a very busy schedule with programs during the day and “Night Star” recordings at night, he has lost a great amount of weight. Whenever he felt hungry, he would sit in the corner and eat a Choco Pie.

Has this changed your perspective of SHINee’s leader Onew?

Sources: shakizi and vivinjolian
Credit: Koreaboo

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10 responses to “[NEWS] What makes SHINee’s Onew an extraordinary person?

  1. Woah how sweet he is! At first I just liked him bcz his vocals are so nice and just like that… Then I liked him more bcz he’s so funny in shows (like Hello baby and so on…). But now I like him even more and I’m glad I chose him at first 😀
    Onew fighting!!! 😀 ❤

  2. I love him and reading this just made me fall even harder for him. He’s truly an amazing person! Will I ever meet a person as perfect like him. =D

  3. He is amaziing person, has good manner, smart, funny, working hard,has sweet vocal,, that’s why I love him,, more & more,, 화이팅 온유

  4. Can’t believe this. No wonder his cute face tells a lot bout him. And I truly agree that he hasn’t changed a bit since their debut. He’s not as thick-faced or somehow-looks-cocky like Jonghyun or Key. He truly deserves to be their leader. I’m glad this news was posted. I think I’ll make some reflections bout my bias in SHINee: is it Key or Onew. But OnKey…haha! God bless you everyone! 😀

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