Kim Jong Min reveals how Kangta almost got banned from departing China

On E Channel’s “Poker Face,” singer Kim Jong Min revealed a moment when singer Kangta almost got banned from departing from an airport.

Kim Jong Min reveals a situation that he saw when he went with Kangta and Shin Hye Sung, who were working as Group S during that time, to China for a concert. At that time, because fans paralyzed the airports to see Group S, the Chinese airport securities were struggling with Shin Hye Sung and it resulted in them grabbing Shin Hye Sung by the throat.

However, at that moment, Kangta appeared quick like lightning and protected Shin Hye Sung by grabbing the police by the throat. Unfortunately, this act angered the airport security and they were about to place a ban on Kangta’s departure until he apologized.

It was a situation that might have ended in Kangta receiving a departure ban and getting dragged off by the airport security, but while the managers were apologizing, Shin Hye Sung and Kangta were able to quickly get on a plane and return safely to Korea.

Source + Picture: Ilgan Sports via Yahoo! Korea
Credit: Allkpop


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