Song Joongki and U-know Yunho show off their drawing skills on SBS “Running Man”

TVXQ’s U-know Yunho and actor Song Joongki have evoked a lot of laughter on SBS “Running Man” due to their drawing skills. The members of “Running Man” were split into two teams and played a game where one needed to describe a word through a drawing and relay it to the last person. The last person in line would then have to guess what the drawing is.

U-know Yunho and Song Joongki’s drawing skills were revealed when they attempted to draw a rhino and a toilet, respectively. Song Joongki’s drawing drew laughter from everyone as his drawing looked more like a robot than a toilet. One of U-know Yunho’s first attempts was to draw a ginseng, but the drawing ended up looking like a radish instead. His rhino drawing was also completely unrecognizable by other players.

On the same episode of running man, TVXQ succeeded in their mission and the “Running Man” team were punished for the first time. In addition, TVXQ also danced to SNSD’s “Gee” and ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”.

What do you think about their drawing skills?

Source: My Daily
Credit: Koreaboo
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

5 responses to “Song Joongki and U-know Yunho show off their drawing skills on SBS “Running Man”

  1. song joongki´s look in the eyes looked so confident… like: “why are you looking that way?? it´s perfect!!”

    and yunho´s smirk XDD

    well, i´m not ure if i would´ve done any better^^ but still, they looked soo cute~

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