[NEWS] SNSD’s ‘Secret Behind Beautiful Legs’ is the ‘Hip’?

A Japanese program recently looked into getting SNSD’s beautiful legs.

On the 22nd, a Japanese TV show did a special analysis, focusing on methods of obtaining legs like SNSD through the ‘secret behind beautiful legs’. Tokyo-Kawaii TV personally went to Korea during this show. They introduced, “One secret behind SNSD’s legs is skinny jeans. They put more emphasis on their slim legs with skinny jeans,” and showed the colorful skinny jeans that gained much popularity during their ‘Gee’ promotions.

They also met with the members’ official trainer Kim at the A-Team health club, looking into their exercising techniques. Kim stated, “SNSD members did not have their current bodies when they first started. But they really worked hard and exercised consistently, so I think that is why we see such good results today.” He also introduced one exercise routine the members do, and commented, “The hip line is what emphasizes SNSD members’ leg line.”

Netizens who watched the show commented, “The secret to beautiful legs were hips”, “SNSD is really pretty”, and, “They have charms that are different from Japanese idols.” However, one part of these netizens took the report negatively by saying, “I feel like Japan concentrates on the members’ legs too much. I don’t like how they only look at SNSD for their legs.”

SNSD is planning on grabbing the attention of Japanese fans through their participation in the SM TOWN LIVE IN TOKYO concert on the 25th and 26th.

Translated by: ch0sshi @soshified.com
Credit to: 백지은 기자 – sportschosun.com
Original article: LINK

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3 responses to “[NEWS] SNSD’s ‘Secret Behind Beautiful Legs’ is the ‘Hip’?

  1. I agree with all the japanese comments. SNSD Is pretty, they have more charm than japanese idols however Japan focuses TOO much attention on their legs…like…why won’t they ever take notice to the person who owns the legs? but its reasonable…SNSD IS the girl group of Asia with the legs.

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