[NEWS] CeCi Magazine Cover Couple – Changmin-Lee Yeon Hee

Cover Couple
Lee Yeon Hee & ChoiKang ChangMin

Born in 1988, with both of them being at the same age, the man, ChoiKang ChangMin and the woman, Lee Yeon Hee are very much alike. Using a calm and controlled tone, carefully telling us every detail, although they have a heart which is brighter than anyone, but because of their shyness, they were unable to express themselves properly. Just like them, all lovers in this world live differently because of a man and also a woman, also they would slowly start to become like each other. Meeting you and not just falling in love so simply, but even quarreling is a form of happiness.

I’m With You
That Man and That Woman, They Dream of the Day Filled with Happiness

He says – It’s not really that special, it’s just a simple day passing by that will do. On our anniversary, I would really like to hold hands with my girlfriend without any fears on a street full of people. Although people will say, “It’s crazy to be going out on that day”, but because it’s something that everyone can do but I can’t, it makes the loneliness even worse.

She says – Compared to a person who creates a temporary touching moment for me, I prefer someone who could give me a secured feeling. If he’s a really good person, then it doesn’t matter if he didn’t do anything and just by staying by my side quietly, I would still feel the happiness. But if I were to exactly say about where the celebration of ‘Happiness Day’ would be at, it would be at the amusement park. As long as the beautiful lightings are on and nothing is there in the night sky, as long as I’m with the person I like alone, it’s good too.

If there’s no love, there will be no hates. Because you noticed it, this is why the places which are bad have been noticed too. If we’re not close, it’s because the both of us are very careful, which is why the places which are bad can’t be seen easily and even the smallest flaw would be easily picked up. At that time, if we had tried to understand each other rather than wishing the other half to be more understanding, such a problem wouldn’t have arisen.

I Hate You but I Still Love You

After breaking up, they met with each other once again. In “Paradise Ranch”, both of them got married with a fiery love but got divorced. When they met again after 6 years, it was a really surprising and unexpected reunion. Both of them have different views on love about those who want to get back together again after breaking up and on those who don’t feel that way. Looking at the man and the woman’s thoughts on love and separation…

He says – Even though I have yet to get married, but be it just simple friends or the friend named Jung YunHo who’s living together in the house now could see that really, even if the both of us are from a different culture, eat differently and have different education background, we could meet and fall in love. Although it’s important that both of us are able to communicate well, but before that, you must accept that person’s flaws and everything else too. I think that should be the main priority and it is also the most difficult thing to do. Because of love, you’re able to see all their flaws and willing to accept it all. Otherwise, if you’re not close enough with each other, as both of you are always careful, even those little flaws couldn’t be seen easily. Truthfully, my situation is very different from everyone. But regarding the ‘getting together again after breaking up’ circumstance, if there’s such a thing happening to me, I’ll try my best to make it work out. Maybe in the end because of hatred, we broke up but even so, if I could accept those who love me for who I am as my lover, then there will be no difference between our hearts.

She says – I feel that for a relationship to last longer, what’s most important is to trust one another. By wanting to know the true self of your half at the point when you’re still trying to accept the person as your half, I think that’s a bad move. Just having the thought of being together makes me happy, but the truth is, there are a lot of other points to take note of too for that to happen. I personally think that if you have broken up, you won’t be together again. Even if you’re back together again, you’ll break up again for the same reason and the distance between the two would be even further. But if the reason is because of someone giving up on understanding and adapting to the other half, then that would be difficult. Lee DoYing and Han DongJun who broke up and met again 6 years later had some odd yet good chemistry, but the feeling of hatred towards each other still remains, which is why they’re always arguing when they meet up. But even so, there’s something called memories. Those memories will slowly come up and those past arguments that you used to have will be worked out on slowly. (As in why they argue etc)

Source: Ceci Website
Translation: mel @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

2 responses to “[NEWS] CeCi Magazine Cover Couple – Changmin-Lee Yeon Hee

    • I AGREE!
      Their chemistry is undeniable and they look great together!
      I seriously can’t wait for Paradise Ranch…OMO IT AIRED YESTERDAY IN KOREA!!

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