[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong sends a text message to TVXQ’s Yunho

Ever since TVXQ’s Yunho stated that he did not receive any sort of contact from JYJ’s Jaejoong at his press conference yesterday, fans have been furiously debating as to whether his claim was true.

Prior to the response, Jaejoong had stated in an interview, “Personally, I tried to contact Yunho and Changmin, but they did not pick up.  I tried to meet them on my own through an associate, but that didn’t go as planned.

Yesterday, Yunho was asked whether he received any contact from Jaejoong, to which he replied, “That’s not true.  We’ve never received contact. And even if we want to contact them, their numbers have changed, so we might not have accepted the call because of the unfamiliar number. There’s been a lot of prank calls lately, it’s difficult for us to take every call.

On the morning of January 13th, Jaejoong wrote on his Twitter, “I want to reply to this directly, through my own words.  They weren’t many, but do you know how hard it was for me to send you those texts?  I texted you again right now, please check it.”

Fans have speculated the tweet was a response to Yunho’s press conference statement, and are anxiously waiting for a response.

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8 responses to “[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong sends a text message to TVXQ’s Yunho

  1. jyj have to overcome a lot of things at last year. they have experience include happiness and sadness but i think they might sadness>happiness. i support jyj and also believes jeajoong word. jeajoong i don’t know what to say but ” i wish you good luck.” please keep fighting and showing that you are strong enough to fight back someone who want to make your head down. i am your forever fans.

  2. whatever you have said something out but you should make sure that your words were true. the truth is the truth because you cannot change the truth even junho said that” he didn’t receive you phone call or whatever” just make sure you have phone him or not. i believe on your believe

  3. well,why would yunho lie about not receiving any calls? He loves JYJ too. They’ve been together for more than 7 years. i hope eveything turns out fine & things will settle!
    Fighting Yunho!!

  4. I don’t know which side I should believe in. T.T I love YunJae a lot and this issue’s difficult to accept. But I just hope everything’s will be crystal clear in the future. I wish further successes for DBSK & JYJ. God bless everyone. ^^

  5. why do they need to sent message through twitter?? isn’t there any possibility for them to speak clearly with each other directly 😦

  6. somehow, i think they´re both telling the truth.

    if Yunho knows about Jaejoong´s change of number then that means he had tried to contact him or somebody told him.
    if Jaejoong missed the opportunity to tell Yunho his new number then Yunho might really not pick up or read the messages…
    because i do that,too. whenever a strange number shows up, i´m deleting the message^^

    i really hope they´ll be able to clear everything up soon!!

  7. i dont think so, Yunho said it is not true..please im not hater! someone tell me that this only SME agenda which is teach them evrything liar damn things…Yunho said that so just wanna care his carer and hope cassie not say nasty things about them..Jae said it himself, they dont pick up call, and he even many times to tell them with send many sms…and he tries to deal a meeting but failed [i guess they provoke with JYJ or got blocked by company] .Poor Jae cannot meet his hubby due SME old jerk.,thats like happened to Han Geng ex-SUJU no human right by his manager.i hope you can understands both,,but im bit dispointed with Yunho.. to much adore Lee Soo Man and willing to forget the friendship bcoz of crazy old man . Why can 5 of them just leave company like Shinwha.im so proud with Shinhwa they still together as 6.i hope TVXQ can be re-unit again.

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