[VIDEO] Kim Junsu Tears When Talking About TVXQ – Why?

This is the part where he tears:

Kim Junsu revealed some of his sorrow with regards to the TVXQ controversy, garnering attention.

Kim Junsu participated in the the broadcast of YTN “News&Issue-Issue&People” on the 12th and said, “Everyone has beautiful memories and difficult times. I have also had such moments in my life. After debut, the most difficult times was last year and the year before.”

This is the same period of time where the 3 members of TVXQ, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, were successful in filing for a temporary injunction against their exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment.

With the rims of his eyes reddening, Kim Junsu said, “After this happened, I lost many things. In particular, I lost a lot of people around me. However, I’ve also gained people who continue to stay by my side even after this happened.”

Netizens commented, “We support Kim Junsu”, “We support JYJ”, “Don’t cry, my heart aches”, and other encouragements.

Source: [Etoday + BaiduTVXQ]
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9 responses to “[VIDEO] Kim Junsu Tears When Talking About TVXQ – Why?

  1. Why JYJ look like desperate attention? They talk to much. They left the TVXQ but sometimes they make look the 2 member that still was wrong and make JYJ always right. I think either JYJ, TVXQ or SME have make wrong and right…no one perfect. But I look like JYJ desperate attention and make people feel sympathy to them. I think they should move on they work and do not distrupt TVXQ anymore. TVXQ also hurt…so let they do they work… I think TVXQ want start new life and focus they work. Let’s work, JYJ with they work and TVXQ with they work. No matter who more success, just work hard…

  2. I accept with u. I think JYJ just try to make people around them stay with their side. When they released album or something like that. TVXQ’re not saying anything. Why dont they do their job and let HoMin do their job.

  3. everyone has to bear the consequences of their decisions. the three ex-TVXQ members chose to give up their contract with SM and regroup as JYJ. they cannot expect to have SM or the remaining TVXQ members to still be mindful of their feelings. Each party should just focus on their current work and move on with their life.

  4. Neither of the two sides should not be sided. JYJ felt like it was the right time to do the thing that they think were right and we should respect their decision. It’s not like they chose to give up DBSK. On the other hand, HoMin are doing great and they are not trying to mess things up anymore. As followers of JYJ & DBSK, I want to know the real story behind their break-up…the REAL story per se.

  5. Dont you think..they were living for almost 9 years.im not jyj bias or homin.i love both side.Junsu. jaejoong or yuchun’s cries not for sympathy, they just wanna tell how much difficult to them cant be 5,and be slave LSM..i guess word ” JYJ do your own word and TVXQ do ur own work” is pathetic one. I guess people say bad thing about JYJ/homin is not REAL CASSIE..and for Watie,,oh i forgot you are big fan of LSM..why cant JYJ said anything they felt..gosh hatred JYJ.

  6. To the common way above me.

    HELLO?! They are not talking too much. It’s a way for Junsu to express and talk about how he feels, besides they still hope for TVXQ for unite again someday. Even though, unity of 5 will take a long time to achieve, still eventually things will fall in their perfect place back. Just keep the HOPE! What ever happens to ‘ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH’? Feel it and believe it, despite feeling painful about it, things will do get better soon.

    As a REAL CASSIE, you should know the real story behind their break up. Further more, do some research on both sides. Thus, you will see how both sides really do long for each other.


  7. i cant say anything .
    this situation really hurt me inside .
    i’m a hard cass of them .
    i love the 5 of them .
    reading and hearing all the story of their break up always make me burst a tear (( T.T)) !!
    why should this happen ??
    why jyj do such thing without telling homin anything ?
    and why homin did’nt just join jyj ?
    where’s the meaning of ” always keep the faith ” ??

    however i try not to think this .
    i just hoping they both jyj and homin do the best and be strong .

    to cassiopeia .
    please be a real cassie’s .
    support our 5 star .
    dont betray any of them .
    coz we’re just the only hope for their unite .
    i love 5 T.V.X.Q !!

  8. I don’t think bringing this matter up is necessary… as fans, all that we can do is to support both sides. We don’t have the right to judge which side is pretending to be good & innocent, which side is bad, etc…we’ll never know unless they themselves then reveal the real truth, at the same time… I mean, all the news, we don’t really know which side is true, yet some of us act like a hero/heroin – making assumptions and judging them. For me, both sides are good.. all 5 of them are great. This is the way that they chose to live. All we can do is to support them no matter what – =.=” as long as they will not do something that can kill themselves. I mean, for some of those who are making assumption & judging the 5 of them, who are you to say those stuff ? I understand when you said that you are the true fan of TVXQ, but still, doing stuff like this will only make things worse. I’m sure the 5 of them are suffering more, not because of the situation, but more because of what their fans are doing to them. We are not their best buddies or family members, we don’t know the truth-their feelings and real situation- so don’t judge to easily. Just be fair and support them… I believe real Cassiopeia will never do such a hurtful things to the 5 of them.. real Cassies will understand & not making things more worse.

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