“We Got Married” PD talks about new couple and New Year Special

We Got Married stated that they are not persisting on the idea of using idols for their new couple.

After the previous news article that there will be a new couple coming up,many are extremely curious about this new couple, but they are still in the process of finding suitable candidates.

It was said that a couple of idol stars are already chosen as WGM candidates,and respective idols’ fans had been commenting on other idols’ blog.
On the 10th,WGM PD had a phone conversation with OSEN and denied the fact that they have already chosen their candidates. She further stated ” I have yet to meet and talk to most of the artists that were rumored to be the next couple.
I have been looking through the interview reports for a year, there are more non-Idols who wish to join in. If the person is suitable to be cast in WGM, it doesn’t matter if he/she is an idol.”

WGM PD further denied the fact that there will be New Year WGM special, as they do not have this during their last year broadcast so it’ll remain the same.WGM will remain it’s current status with only two couples (Khuntoria,Goguma) until they meet their suitable couple candidates.
Adam last episode will be broadcast on the 15th of January.

Cr:Source/http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?gid=G1101100242,Chinese translations/娥子@winniebar, English translations/Valerie@khuntorialurve
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11 responses to ““We Got Married” PD talks about new couple and New Year Special

  1. Every show wants to be competitive so idols are the “in” fav these days not only in Korea but globally. I live in another country but I am a diehard fan of WGM idol couples esp. the Yongseo couple. They attract all levels of society bec. these idols are young, musically inclined, talented, smart, intelligent, has good sense of humor or witty.

    My choices for incoming couples are (1) Sooyoung of SNSD & Jonghyun of CNBlue (2) Sandara park of 2NE1 & Junho of 2PM (3) Hyoyeon of SNSD & Jungshin of CNBlue for their comic acts. This is just a suggestion from a fan who loves WGM reality show. Mabuhay!!!

  2. it’s not going to be fun and lovely etc..if they try non-idols couple i bet…!!? and w.m.g. no high ratings anymore if they do that.,,!! sorry for my harsh opinion…!! it just opinion…….honestly i only love watching {w.g.m.}b-coz the cast is an idol….im even not korean.. just so you know..!!

  3. i love to be the nxt couple is jessica jung of snsd and her partner is up to [ W.G.M.pd ]IS GOING TO BE Mysterious n fascinating ..so we can see how ice princess to be in love…at the same tym she is unique person and she really different 4rth deminsion girl,,don’t get me wrong im not originally jessica fan,,it just she’s different…tnx to w.g.m. they really make my day full of happiness i really tnk you..!!

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