No one should doubt YoonA’s natural beauty

YoonA is indeed a true beauty but there are always jealous individuals out there who are trying to deny her
goddess-like natural beauty.

Recently, some chinese dailies have raised baseless ‘plastic surgery’ allegations against YoonA with the aim of tarnishing her image. However, there is no need for fans to take these allegations seriously as there are past photos to prove that YoonA’s beauty is really a blessing from God.

YoonA’s childhood photos have in fact being published several times. In the photos, Little YoonA’s cute and lovely look never change as she looks just as adorable now. Thus, such malicious-intent allegation should never be taken seriously.

Even from pre-debut photos which YoonA took with her friends, one would notice YoonA’s beauty even with just a quick glance. Chinese netizens who have seen YoonA’s past photos have also written off the baseless allegation.

Korean netizens have exactly the same reaction after seeing YoonA’s past and present photos and they commented, “I think YoonA must be feeling hurt and upset”.

Source: Fanwonder
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang


11 responses to “No one should doubt YoonA’s natural beauty

  1. awww poor yoona~but she shan’t be sad cus she’s so beautiful that people think she got her face done!she’s really beautiful(=

    • WELL obviously suregeons do not do crazy obvious fake looking plastic, good suregeons normally do super natural results.

      If those old picture just because they are “similar” to what she looks like now.. and u claim she is natural… then this site should be just as equally FAIR to claim that she ISN’T A NATURAL BEAUTY

      Proof yoona is not a natural beauty.

  2. Jealous much, people? I bet everyone making snide remarks like that to her, are just ugly. I’m not pretty, I’d much rather look like YooNa. Stop hating, people!

  3. OMG OMG!!! ^^ Goddess Yoona!!! Those accusations are useless…. Everyone knows the truth… She’s a pure goddess… ^^ And….. == what in the world are the argument for?? Everyone in SNSD, and I mean EVERYONE (Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun) are beautiful…. And Yoona unnie is NOT overrated… Everyone has a bias.. My bias Yoona but I still love all the members.. ^^ Stop bashing…

  4. i dont think it’s a big deal that her (or her company) is marketing her as a “natural beauty” she doesnt look that much different from her elementary child pix.. even tho when they showed her junior high she ripped her picture…. i kinda already knew she did plastic surgery. I think only Jessica and Seohyun are the natural ones.

    I saw this site that ppl took off her old website before she debuted.
    i wont even read ppl’s thoughts on her… just there to look at the pictures

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