TVXQ Official Fanclub Open Online Registration

To everyone, this is TVXQ’s representative.

First of all, we would like to thank selfless love from Cassiopeia to TVXQ. Most anticipated “TVXQ Official Fanclub – Cassiopeia 3rd Term” member will commence on Jan 10 Monday morning, starting from 10 am KST. One can access’s Fanclub web to register (*fanclub web: http://fanclub/

There are other terms & agreement stated, so we hope cassiopeia who wants to register will read through throughly and be aware of the terms and agreement. Finished filling in the form will proceed to payment of the membership fee.

“TVXQ Offical Fanclub – Cassiopeia (3rd Term)” operates by paid funds After finished applying the membership, one has to transfer Won22,000 to the designated account as membership fee and will receive the perks as an offical member. Although the money transmittance due on March 14, the transmittance number (on the application) is to simplify the whole registration process. Therefore, the designated number is only vaild during the application of membership. One is required to apply early and transfer the amount within the designated time. Other than that, please read carefully the details on the form and verify each and every section.
For lovers of TVXQ, we welcome you to join “Cassiopeia 3rd Term”, and please continue to support their future activities.

“TVXQ Offical Fanclub – Cassiopeia 3rd Term Registration”

Application time: January 10 2011 (Mon) 10:00 – January 25 2011 (Tue) 22:00
Money Transmittance Time: January 10 2011 (Mon) 10:00 – March 14 2011 (Mon) 16:00
* Application form includes a number for fans to retransmit the funds
Membership Requirement: Fans of TVXQ, residing in Korea and verified details of applicants
Ways to register: Access online to SMTOWN Website to register (FANCLUB.SMTOWN.COM)
Validity of membership: 1 year (may subject to changes if artists’ activities change)
Membership Fee: 22,000 won
Privileges: Receive ‘Cassiopeia 3rd Term” Member, Free entrance to “Fanmeeting” and other activities that are included in the application form.

Registration Steps
1. Access online to register (Accept the terms and conditions, verify name and fill in the form)
2. Receive “Transmittance Number” and transfer the funds to designated account
3. 2 weeks after transmittance will proceed to verification process of members
4. Complete membership

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