SHINee’s concert in Australia is private?

We have previously reported that SHINee will have a concert in Australia. However, it seems like Australian Shawols will have to depend on luck to see SHINee live, because no concert tickets are being exposed to the public.
Arirang will be picking out 100 winners and awarding them double passes to the concert. All other seat will go to sponsors and institutions and only those with an invite will be able to attend.

Many Australian Shawols are incredibly disappointed with this news, as this might have been their only chance to see the boys live. Were you planning to attend the concert?

Source: @AussieShawols and Koreaboo
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang


6 responses to “SHINee’s concert in Australia is private?

  1. i’m superrr excited 🙂
    my friend was one of the lucky 100 people and i’m getting the other ticket xD
    happpyyyyyyyy khdbjnijvbs vkjsbdn;\ks
    spazzing again ROFLMAO!

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