Victoria get touched from small gift, Khun’s confession about liking Victoria even more

Make-believe couple Khun and Vic spent Christmas together for the first time after their marriage.

In the coming WGM season 2 ep, which will be aired on Jan 1st, Khun would send CD recorded with songs he sang for her and another gift to Vic.

That day, with the help of 2pm member, Khun prepared a ‘blockbuster-level’ event for Vic and expected highly to see her get touched and cry. But he felt disappointed after receiving little response from Vic.

On the opposite, Vic showed a bigger response for his surprising gift and got touched. Later Khun commented ” Compared to big event, I found that Vic showed a bigger response after receiving gifts”.

Vic was very satisfied with the gifts, and she expressed how touched she was by giving him a surprise ‘gift’ of her own in return, making Khun felt really happy.

And in the blackroom interview, Khun confessed that he really like Vic more and more, making people doubt that if they are dating in real.

cr:chinese translation/紫苏@fxcn, english translation/Joe@khuntorialurve
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

6 responses to “Victoria get touched from small gift, Khun’s confession about liking Victoria even more

  1. victoria got soo much antis after gayo dajeun event . they (the antis) didn’t understand how much they fall in love! oh my god i’m swoon looking their performance together ! so different with they in real life ! oh my god ! let them be real !!!!!

  2. yeah they both got so much antis after this , i don’t understand why they were like that *sorry i’m not really fluent in english

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  4. i heart this couple so much…i never been a fan of WGM but because of them, every after saturday, i’m itching to look everywhere for the eng subs… ^^

    i give my full support if they’re the true couple!!! for antis? they’re just sooo jealous bcos they can’t have either of them….

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