SNSD praised for being the most economical when it comes to online shopping

One A Day Social Commerce shopping mall, Crazy Ticket conducted a survey from November 29th to December 23rd entitled ‘Which girl group would pay great attention to economical shopping through social commerce?’ involving 889 participants. From the survey result, SNSD topped the list where 442 participants (49.7%) voted for them. T-Ara came in 2nd with 218 votes (24,5%) and 2NE1 in 3rd with 198 votes (22.3%).

A representative of Crazy Ticket said, “Through this survey, the public have told us about their thoughts and impressions of SNSD, T-Ara and 2NE1′s image. Particularly, many of the respondents expressed their opinions on SNSD’s thriftiness. Some of the respondents commented, ‘In view of their busy schedules, it seems that SNSD would only buy things they really need through online open market’,’Christmas gift to express gratitude towards SNSD seems to be available through social commerce’ and ‘I will only buy necessary items which are affordable and economical through One A Day Social Commerce’”.

Meanwhile, SNSD are also the most-searched figure in 2010. According to portal site, Naver‘SNSD’ is the 5th most popular keyword search and 1st in terms of most searched figure.

Source: Fanwonder
Shared by hellohazel @ smtownjjang

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