[NEWS] Soribada declares SNSD as “2010’s Best Artist”

Music download site Soribada has declared SNSD to be the best artist of 2010.

Soribada said on the 20th, “We looked at music trend charts, searched items, and more; the artist that netizens searched for the most was SNSD.”

Soribada’s analysts also reviewed searched items and streaming counts. According to the site, SNSD was #1 on the weekly charts with “Oh!“, “Run Devil Run“, and “Hoot.” Through those three songs, the group locked down a total of seven weeks on the #1 spot.

Lee Seung Chul came in second place with his song “That Person“, which was featured in the hit drama “Baker King Kim Tak Goo“. T-ara came in third because of their popularity rise with “I Go Crazy Because of You” and “Ya Ya Ya“.

2AM was the “Best Boy Group” and miss A was the “Best Rookie Group”. Huh Gak and IU won the places for “Best Male/Female Solo Artists”, respectively.

Congratulations to all these artists on their year of success!

Source: JoongAng via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by RoyalFuchsia@SMTownJjang
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