Henry’s father was selected as the “model father”

[“Model Father” Peter Lau (front row, second from left) taking a photo with the other winners and guests]

According to the reports by Canada’s “Ming Pao”, in order to celebrate the greatness of fathers, the Canadian Support Enhance Access Services Centre has organized “Praising Fathers’ Night Charity Ball 2010”, “Exemplary Father Election” and also the grand finals for the children’s public speaking competition. In the end, the vice president of the Cathay Lions Club and Monsheong ambassador, Peter Lau, was selected as the model father.

The Chairman of the association, Zhu Fangshu said that all this while, no matter whether in Eastern or Western culture, there is a tendency to focus more on Mother’s Day and neglect Father’s Day, and there are also many songs which sing praise for the greatness of mothers; actually, a father’s role in a family is equally as important, but it’s a pity that it is commonly neglected. This is the fourth year that the association held the election for exemplary fathers, and the main aim is to raise awareness to value a father’s role even more, in order to create a more harmonious family life.

(Other unrelated information omitted)

Source: China News
Thanks to myiuchan @ sj-world.net for the heads up!
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

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