SMTownJjang’s 1st Anniversary!

Our 1st anniversary is coming! We’ll have our 1st anniversary on Dec, 20th 2010. And wow, It’s been a year since we started this blog!

We’d like to say thank you guys for your support to our blog! Thank you so much for being the reader of our blog, we can’t be like this without your support! You guys are Jjang! ^^

So, to celebrate the special day, we want to celebrate it earlier with you by having quiz just like what we have made on our 200th day anniversary! Let’s have fun and let’s see how well do you know about SM Town? ^^Here are the rules:

  • Follow @SMTownJjang on Twitter
  • We’ll give you 20 questions related to SM Town,
  • You should answer the question as soon as possible after we give you the question,
  • And answer with this format:

@SMTownJjang SM(question number) (your answer) #SMTJ1stAnniv

example: @SMTownJjang  SM1 SMent #SMTJ1stAnniv

** NO Retweet if you answer the question

example: Seohyun and Kyuhyun RT @SMTownJjang: Who are the couple magnae in Seoul Song MV? this is not allowed.

** Changing your answer is not allowed

  • We will give you 5 minutes to answer each question,
  • If you’re the fastest one to answer the question and also get it right, we’ll give you 1 point,
  • who get the highest point among the participants will be THE WINNER!

The quiz will be held on Dec, 19th 2010 at 8 PM KST!

We’ll reveal the top 3 winner’s Twitter names on our blog, and the post will be sticked for 1 week ^^
If you have any question related to the quiz, you can post your question on the comment box~

So, let’s have fun and play with us!


SMTownJjang’s Admins

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