[NEWS] Daum Released List Of The Most Popular Korean Idols!

The website Daum has recently released their list of the most popular Korean idols from 1-41 based upon the size of their fan clubs.

The internet portal website Daum has recently released their list of the most popular Korean idol groups for November of 2010 based upon the index of members in their fan club. Keep in mind that these rankings are reevaluated monthly.

Check out the details of the top 10 below:

Artist/ Number of Members in Fanclub/ Decrease (-) or Increase (+) of Members

1. TVXQ (DBSK) 764,146/-2478
2. Big Bang 350,955/ -1472
3. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) 305,438/ +59
4. SS501 245,373/ -1387
5. 2PM 206,789/ -2568
6. Super Junior 192,196/ -1264
7. BEAST 144,370/ +9968
8. SHINee 127,408/ +253
9. Shinhwa 107,691
10. Wonder Girls 104,379/ -874

And the Artists ranking 11-41 based upon the size of their fanclub below:
11. FT Island 101,161
12. 2NE1 99,890
13. MBLAQ 81,886
14. HOT 73,497
15. f(x) 64,736
16. 2AM 60,721
17. KARA 55,906
18. Brown Eyed Girls 44,616
19. SeeYa 39,848
20. Trax 35,321
21. CN Blue 34,177
22. 4minute 27,854
23. Davichi 25,860
24. ZE:A 24,824
25. miss A 20,767
26. After School 19,011
27. Supernovs 18,241
28. Coed-School 16,555
29. Infinite 13,371
30. Teen Top 13,028
31. 4Men 9,712
32.SECRET 8,790
33. T-ara 8,242
34. Rainbow 5,910
35. ZEA 5,638
36. U-kiss 3,867
37. F.CUZ 3,654
38. December 3,379
39. Nine Muses 2,623
40. SISTAR 1,365
41. HAM 1,180

Source: TVXQbaidu + Daum FC
Translation: halo92 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com

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8 responses to “[NEWS] Daum Released List Of The Most Popular Korean Idols!

    • i’m sorry for why you’re feeling that way…but i’m sure happy about it
      it shows that TVXQ’s dedication and love to their fans is the gathering power for their increased fandom.
      don’t be so hurt about it
      there’s more love than hate, so i don’t get why you’re sad

  1. Super Junior needs to be on top. I’m not sure why their popularity is suddenly decreasing. They don’t win anything anymore… It’s all about SNSD right now. D: I love the girls too, but I really think Super Junior should be getting a lot of popularity as well.

    • agreed.
      Super Junior in terms of just in Korea are really underrated, but when it comes to Asian popularity they’re probably number 1.
      I’m glad most Cassies still have faith in their boys though (:

  2. Wow! Can’t believe Shinhwa is still in the top 10! That’s just amazing and I still love them too!
    It’s awesome that the top three are SM groups! SNSD<3333

  3. Take into account that they only include IDOL GROUPS. I hate it when they re-evaluate and don’t include solos. BoA has 300k but they never include for some darn reason, really unfair because if solos like BoA, Rain, And Hyori were included, some idol groups wouldn’t even be in the same ranking that they’re now. 

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