Victoria born with incredibly flexible body

Victoria was born with incredibly flexible body ‘human polder’.

Girl group F (x) of Victoria has demonstrated its incredibly flexibility.

Victoria appeared in 14th the SBS ‘Strong Heart’ variety show.

On the 14th SBS Strong Heart broadcast, Victoria revealed the story about her natural flexibility that almost caused Sulli to cry.
Since then, Victoria has also revealed the inherent flexibility that allows her to get in to Beijing Dance Academy.

Victoria has performed splits, back at the waist, rotating, these difficult actions that are beyond ordinary people’s ability.Everyone were in shock,and were surprised.

In particular, there is one action that reminiscent of the polder moves backward at the waist which attracts much attention.However, Victoria did it effortlessly.


CR:source/nate, chinese translations/kimtaeyen@winniebar, english translations/Valerie@khuntorialurve
Shared by hellohazel @ smtownjjang


3 responses to “Victoria born with incredibly flexible body

  1. Hello!
    I want to find the video of the above story with Victoria’s flexibility. Can anyone help me?

    I’m a huge fan of Victoria! Plz…

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