SNSD “Ice Queen”, thinks about Yongseo Couple

We already saw what happened at the SNSD table the second CNBLUE was announced as the winnner. But what was happening at the table when the boys were making their speech?

[Fancam] 101209 SNSD Jessica @ GDA 2010

cr. Mrfancam

I just saw this fancam of the GD awards posted on twitter. You can’t see Seohyun but you see some of the girls listening to the last few seconds of Yonghwa’s speech and Jessica and Yoona are teasingly indignant because he didn’t mention Seohyun? Hyoyeon is hitting her as if saying shut up hahahaha. I dont know what Yonghwa is exactly saying at certain points so maybe if we have the translation we can understand Jessica’s gestures. What do you think?

I have seen that some SONEs wondered what Jessica, who is known as the Ice Queen, thinks about Seohyun and Yonghwa. Well, she wrote the following comment to Seohyun at a fanmeeting in September!!5. Maknae… You got married lucky you… You’re awesome(?)On that day that night in Japan.. You were jjang… You were like a different person… I love you… (Jessica)

This spontaneous comment made months ago gave us insight about how awesome Yongseo in Japan was going to be and showed that what happened there is real.

Also she was one of the girls that during the awards was very enthusiastic about CNBLUE winning and even stood at some point, as well as Yoona, Sooyoung and of course buin. I don’t think I need to explain about Yuri and Hyoyeon reaction hahahah

If we want to see what is Yongseo relationship outside the show, we also have to pay attention to the small details, attitudes, gestures and comments made by friends, loved ones, etc.

Remember when Jonghyun said: “Actually, we all know wether Yonghwa-hyung is really taking things serious (WGM’s relationship), we just can’t say”?!?! Then you also see him at the awards with Jinwoon trying to help/make/push Yonghwa to go to Seohyun because he is shy. I think Yonghwa automatically sat down because he was afraid they were going to physically push him to Seohyun hahaha

So please, Yongseo family members keep spilling the beans and help them build up their relationship!

Thank u to everyone here: translators, artists, fanfic writers, spazzers, philosophers, researchers, and silent lurkers!!

Credit: lunasol@Soompi & Yongseo Couple Facebook
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