F(x) Sulli’s ‘Real’ Legs caught attention

Girlgroup F(x)’s member Sulli caught attention with her Legs.

on 7th, Sulli attended the Movie premiere of “Sammy Adventure 3D”.
Sulli is the dubber for this Movie, along with Big Bang Daesung and Gagman Yoon Hyung bin. In this event, Sulli caught attention with her charm and fashion style.

Sulli wore one-piece dress with yellow flower print on it.But, Sulli’s legs are exposed on photo and look chubbier.

People commented on Sulli’s photo “The real Sulli’s legs”. “She is still growing up, it’s okay”, and another comments

Source : TVReport via Nate
Trans : Yurisistable @ SMTownJjang
Edited : hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

6 responses to “F(x) Sulli’s ‘Real’ Legs caught attention

  1. Since when did her legs become “Unreal” ?

    I mean, really. Everyone knows she has legs chubbier than the other members. Nothing to be surprised about. Jeezers =.=

  2. she’s the tallest in f(x) and one of the tallest in the kpop industy of course she wouldn’t be as stick skinny as others may be

  3. Sulli has nice legs. I like how it looks on her. ^^ ..And it doesn’t matter if it’s slim or chubby or something, it’s still her, Sulli.. 😀 Annyeong Sulli!

  4. I can’t believe people are complaining about her legs. She’s still pretty young to be concerned with them. And exactly it could be muscle or just her bone structure. Either way, her legs are amazing and they are long. They look good on her. And yes she is one of the tallest and she is an amazing woman. So what if it is fat covering her bones? It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t have to have thighs the size of some people’s arms. Besides, she was super skinny anyway. She needed to gain some weight. She is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen; inside and out. She is perfect just that way she is.

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