Donghae reveals the story of his past crush on ‘Strong Heart’

Donghae of Super Junior recently revealed how a past crush broke his heart.

He stated on a recent episode of Strong Heart“Whenever I went out with a girl, I got dumped. I wanted to know the reason why. When I was a junior in high school, I went out with U-Know Yunho and saw my ideal girl. In the end, I asked Yunho for her number and we got to liking each other. I stayed in touch with her for 1 year, but after every 6 months, our contact would stop for 1 month.”

Donghae revealed that the girl had in fact betrayed him, stating, “I found out that her boyfriend had been studying abroad and that he came home every 6 months. For that 1 month he was here, she would be hanging out with him. When he left, she would contact me. Even though I knew what was happening, I still liked her.”

He went on to say that since she was getting ready for college entrance exams, he would bring her thermos bottles and fruit, but she always denied his advances.

“I still liked her, so I even waited for her 10 hours one time. I wanted to at least see her. On the first snow, I wanted to make snowmen with her, but she denied my request. That day, I made a snowman the size of Lee Seung Gi.”

“I wanted her to at least see the snowman, but she said no again. I made a miniature snowman, texted it to her, and went to her house. She was tired of my 2-year crush on her, so she told me, ‘You can go now’, and wanted us to separate.”

“After 3 months, she called me crying. She said she remembers how well I treated her and wanted to meet. In that moment, I wanted to be a bad guy. Don’t they say women are attracted to bad boys?

He went on to tell the conclusion to the romance, “I was in pain over her for 2 years and dated her for 28 days. After all the disappointment, I spent my days with the lights off hating the world. I wrote her letters for a year and a half.

At that point, Moon Chaewon interjected and consoled, “For women, bad men are an episode in life, but they don’t hold onto it. You can insult a bad boy, but you can never insult a guy who treated you right.”

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by hellohazel @ smtownjjang

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