[NEWS] SHINee’s Onew praised by an MBC staff member!

SHINee’s leader, Onew, was praised by an MBC Music Core staff member.  According to the staff member’s twitter, “Wow, during our filming, when Onew saw that the staffs had to hold on to the big machines/equipment, he mumbled to himself “Really, you guys worked hard”.  He really is getting more understanding and caring by day — it was near night already and very tiring- I think his personality and family background/education is really good!” The response of netizens has been extremely positive to the tweet, including comments like “It’s great to see someone telling us the real side of Onew!”

Onew’s upbringing is well-known among fans. Because his family owns a meat shop, he comes from a relatively well-off background. He has also revealed in the past that his senior year grades were the second highest in the school.

Do you like that SHINee’s leader shows that he cares about the people around him?

Sources: SFI, Ondubu, and Asiae
Credit: Koreaboo

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