Semi Hiatus starts from Dec 6th – 13th

Sadly, We’ll be on semi-hiatus starts from Dec 6th – Dec 13th.

All of the admins are still high school and college  students and the exam week is getting closer to us. Unfortunately, we’ll have the exam week in the same period.

Due to this exam thingy, we need to focus on our school first, but we’ll always update “We Got Married” Videos (RAW and Eng Sub) since lots of the readers anticipate this from us every week. And we’ll also try to update some important news as much as we can. That’s why we call it semi-hiatus, not full hiatus.

We’re really sorry for this inconvenience, hope you would understand our situation and keep trusting and following us as your daily dose for SM Town. We’ll back as soon as possible~ ^^

Thank you so much for your understanding,

SMTown Jjang’s Admins

13 responses to “Semi Hiatus starts from Dec 6th – 13th

  1. good luck! i’d like to help but i’m not sure how. but anyway, if you need any help just tell me coz i don’t have to worry about school since im already working 😀

    thank you so much for giving priority to WGM episodes 😀

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