Kyuhyun, “I Found Confidence For This Musical Thanks To The Sunbaenims’ Support”

On the site of the practice room for the open rehearsal of the musical ‘The Three Musketeers’, Super Junior Kyuhyun, who is confronting himself with a musical for the first time, confessed that the advice and encouragements he receives from his sunbaes give him great strength.

Although the other actors have been working together on the musical ‘The Three Musketeers’ since June, Kyuhyun had to join them much later (only around the beginning of October) due to his schedule with the rest of the Super Junior members. Because of this, he revealed his apologetic heart and said “I’m so sorry I couldn’t even be present to practice properly, I will show you a very hard-working image.”

Kyuhyun admitted his worries “Since this is my first musical, there’s a sense of uneasiness and I feel pressured. I’m still lacking in many areas, so all the advice my sunbaes give me push me to do well too.”

When questioned on who gives him the best advice, Kyuhyun said that every piece of advice coming from Kim Buprae, Cha Bumsuk, Kim Mooyeol, and other actors is valuable to him. Kyuhyun also added “It’s especially Kim Buprae sunbae who looks at me and whispers at me to not move around restlessly, and to stand still while acting,” NOTE and “While Seobum sunbae always advises me to say my lines louder. There’s so much to say, even Kim Mooyeol sunbae gives me suggestions on my acting, they help me improve where I’m still lacking in skill.”

At the question “Isn’t there any of your subaes who warned or intimidated you when giving advice?”, Kyuhyun answered “It’s not like that,” but at the end of the interview he left the words “Kim Buprae sunbaenim..” lingering in the air, causing everyone to burst out laughing while his sunbae took the microphone to say “I love you, Super Junior!” out loud.

That day, during the ‘Angel in my heart’ scene, the kiss scene between D’Artagnan (Kyuhyun) and Constance (Kim Ahsun)’s was revealed. Kyuhyun explained “The song ‘Angel in my heart’ is about Constance’s suffering after having been kidnapped, and is sung when she is later on rescued by Her Majesty, around then I fall in love with Constance again and we kiss.”

When asked if it’s a deep kiss scene, Kyuhyun said with a smile “Luckily since the producers are very considerate, they allow me to do it while covering up with a hat.”

TRANSLATOR’S NOTE At first Kyuhyun simply wanted to share what kind of advice he received, so he seemed to want to mention his sunbaes one by one. However, since the latters obviously knew what they have been telling him during practice, they jokingly told him to watch his mouth. Again, Kyuhyun started from Kim Buprae (who probably scolded him when he didn’t do well) so the other sunbaes started fooling around and talking all at once. I believe they thought Kyuhyun was going to tell on him and they advised him not to (someone shouted something along the lines of “Won’t you regret this?”), but he was nice and said that his sunbae told him what to do in a soft voice. But then one of the sunbaes said that Kim Buprae also hit him, and Kyuhyun just smiled because they weren’t letting him speak. All in all you get a really nice feeling out of this press conference, Kyuhyun is clearly enjoying this experience and is learning a lot. All the people involved in this production seem to love working with him.

Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET
Original Source. Artsnews, TVReport, newsen.
Integrated with news from press-conference videos on naver
Take out with full and proper credits. Don’t add any.

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