[ENG SUB] WGM Seohyun-Yonghwa “Yongseo” Couple Ep.33!

Credit: KRDsubs1


20 responses to “[ENG SUB] WGM Seohyun-Yonghwa “Yongseo” Couple Ep.33!

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  2. you can really tell that they’ve fallen in love with each other!
    Seobaby’s really changed thanks to Yongchoding! kekeke
    they’re like a real couple, where love takes time to grow and nurture! I hope they last together for a long time!
    Seobaby’s first love is Yongchoding!! kekeke~~

  3. Wowee! I think they are really in love…. XD
    I haven’t been able to catch all episodes so I have seen some earlier ones and this one. Seohyun seems a lot livelier and of course they are closer to each other =D

  4. aaahh ,, hyun just like me.. there’s a wall that you have to break… Good Job Yoongg 😀
    Hopefully they’re gonna be real couple… hihhihiii

  5. Poor Baby. It broke my heart when he said “I’m a grownup and I’m not Yong Choding”. We know you just do that to make Seohyun laugh Yonghwa. LOL and he’s good at too. He’s very manly especially if you look at the other idols who are his age. He’s the fierce leader/hyung of CNBlue. Loved how he was filming at SBS and went in to check on Minhyuk who was filming “It’s OK, Daddy’s Girl” to see if he’s was OK. The MC’s may call Yong Choding but we know he’s so much more. Hopefully his next acting role will let him show off that side of him. I’d love to see him take on a more dramatic role for his next project.

  6. Omo ! They’re totally a couple now , I mean they don’t have to have any contact outside of the show but they do and get sad when they don’t , they monitor eachother , they struggle to tell eachother how they feel , they get nervous around eachother . Totally a real couple now .

  7. Yesss i think they are a real couple.yong and hyun talk heart to heart so touching.i’m proud of goguma villagers!yongseo hwaiting 😀

  8. they are so cute together. and i hear the sims 3 theme song when yonghwa is packing. LOL
    that’s one of my favorite game

  9. can u upload this video in mediafire please??? i really want it because i can’t open the megaupload link…it was banned in my country…and i been searching in long time to download this video…in the avi file please…..

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