Nichkhun-Victoria: Sleeping together at the 1st day of marriage

Khuntoria couple, Nichkhun and Victoria left a memory with a harmonious atmosphere at their 1st day of moving into their newlywed house.

MBC wgm on 27th afternoon broadcasted Nichkhun and Victoria1st day in their newlywed house.They made heart shape fried eggs, ordered noodles with bean paste,cooked sweet and sour pork and enjoyed a sumptuous meal.

Brimming with love, they even stared at each other during time , making MCs in the studios jealous. Nichkhun said ’ cooking at the same house made me really feel that I got a true sweet newlywed home, I am so happy’, who couldn’t hide exciting feeling.They sat on the bed enjoying the video they filmed for each other before, but they couldn’t resist the sleepy feeling brought by the lazy sunshine.

Nichkhun first lay down on the bed and said’ why I feel so sleepy’, and he also asked Victoria to sleep on the bed too. Victoria was shy but she can’t hold the sleepy feeling and lay on the bed. The the scene that Khuntoria couple lay on the bed together came out.

Furthermore, compared to Nichkhun’s comfortable sleeping pose, Victoria didn’t dare to get close to Nichkhun, so she slept in a uncomfortable way, making others feel the immaturity which is especialy from khuntoria couple.

In today’s broadcast, before their visit to thai, Victoria’s making the NU ABO dance video for Nichkhun’s youngest sister attracted much attention.

Cr:chinese translation/ ering7&kimtaeyen@winniebar, english translation/Joe@khuntorialurve

Credit: khuntoria cafe || Source: khuntorialurve @ Tumblr
Shared by hellohazel @ smtownjjang
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8 responses to “Nichkhun-Victoria: Sleeping together at the 1st day of marriage

  1. like andy and solbi…they become a real couple after meeting solbi’s family..may vic and khun be like that after meeting khun’s family..muehehe

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