SNSD’s Tiffany works hard to shorten her recovery time

SNSD member Tiffany, who had to pull out of ‘Hoot’ promotions due to a knee injury, is trying her best to recover quickly.

Tiffany injured her knee during a concert performance and was forced to stop promotions about a week ago. Consequently, the rest of the SNSD members are continuing their performances without her.  Although Tiffany was advised to rest 4 weeks for a full recovery, it was recently revealed that the idol is passionately trying to complete her treatment sessions in order to shorten recovery time.

Although she tore a ligament on her left knee, Tiffany decided to don a cast for her entire leg in order to reduce movement, and speed up her recovery.

An affiliated individual stated, “Tiffany is placing all her efforts and focus into getting better. With the current situation, she needs 4 weeks of recovery but she has shown the will to recover in only 2 weeks.”Additionally, this individual revealed that the reason Tiffany wishes to recover faster is so that she would be able to attend the ‘FNS Singer Festival‘ in Japan.

Source: Newsen
Credit: Allkpop
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