Kim Jong Kook thinks SNSD are arsonists?

Kim Jong Kook caught the attention of many for calling the members of SNSD ‘arsonists’ on the November 22nd episode of “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate“.

MC Kim Jung Eun held a corner where she revealed the survey results of the question, “To the men of Korea, SNSD is ___.

Haha replied, “SNSD are lying children. They told me to tell them my wish but they won’t make it come true.” SNSD retorted, “We asked people to tell us their wishes but we never said we’d answer them!

Kim Jong Kook replied, “SNSD are arsonists. They set fire to the hearts of Korean men.

Actor Lee Kwang Soo, who revealed on ‘Running Man‘ that he was a big fan of Yuri’s, expressed, “Yuri, have you eaten? Yuri eating is the most important to me.” Yuri replied, “Kwang Soo oppa, please eat well too. We are all eating well.

The episode, which obtained a high rating of 5.1% for its timeslot, also consisted of SNSD’s performances of “Hoot,” “Gee,” “Mistake,” “Oh!“, and “If You Seek Amy.

Source: TV Daily

Credit: Allkpop

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