Suju Kim Heechul, the reason “Becoming a singer because of PSY?”

Idol band Suju Kim Heechul “Decided to be a singer, after seeing PSY.”, attracted attention.

On the 17th broadcast of MBC , guest PSY showed his extraordinary eloquence.

This day, guest MC Kim Heechul, who self-claimed as a fan of PSY, stated “At home in 2002, (while) watching television programmes with my friends, PSY appeared. After seeing PSY who was singing “Champion”, (I) asked my friends “Want to try becoming a celebrity?” After which, (I) went for an audition in SM Entertainment.” Therefore, having the chance to debut, specifying PSY as the one who led him in becoming a singer, surprised everyone.

Towards MC Yoon Joon Shin’s question “Why did you decided to become a singer only after watching PSY?”, Kim Heechul could not answer and said “I love music originally.” The MCs then made a guess stating “Is it because of the mindset: ‘That person is also considered as a celebrity’?”, PSY became hyped up and said “I’m the one who brought huge hopes to those unspecified singers.”, bringing continuous laughter in the studio.

In addition, MC Kim Gura joked and said “When I saw PSY (as a singer), I thought ‘Indeed, it’s the end of the world.’ “, again enticing laughter in everyone.

Chinese translation: 宝妮妮 @
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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