Taemin is growing up so fastly, even as tall as Minho

Shinee Taemin who grows up fastly is becoming a hot topic among netizen.

In the age of 16 years old, Taemin was debuted and he wasn’t even as tall as Key. and as we can see in SHINee’s last year photo, Taemin was almost as tall as Key. Now, Taemin is almost as tall as the tallest member in the group, Choi Minho (181cm)..

Netizen said, “Maknae grows up well”, “Taemin-ah,it’s not tall enough, grow up more!” and another encouragement comments

Source : Nate
Trans : Yurisistable @ SMTownJjang
Edited : hellohazel @ SMTownJjang


11 responses to “Taemin is growing up so fastly, even as tall as Minho

  1. Woooow… He grew up a lot in these 2 years 😉
    he said to Minho that he will be taller than him in Star King and now his dream come true ^^

  2. wow Taemin u so tall now
    I wish JOnghyun oppa will grow taller like he is the
    shortist member in shinee
    he grow taller than he perfect

  3. NO NO NO NO IM SO SAD BUT TAEMIN IS NOT TALL AS MINHO. T_T You know why? Because i watched some performances, videos and some pics which were taken in December, and it looks like Key, Onew and Minho are taller than him. I am pretty sure cause i already watched them carefully to be sure about Taemin’s height. But i also saw a pic that he looks like the tallest. I cant be sure please help me to be sure -_- Just search their last performances as me and post comment here..

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