SM, JYP, and YG dominate the music industry

After analyzing the songs that placed first this year, it became clear that SM, YG, and JYP are still the big three kings of the musical industry. The three companies’ veteran artists swept first place everywhere, and at the same time, they also produced incredible rookies.

SM’s biggest artists so far this year were BoA, SHINee and Girls’ Generation. BoA returned to the Korean music industry for the first time in 5 years, and her “Hurricane Venus” managed to sweep major music charts and programs.

SHINee, who has been previously labeled “the idol group that sings well”, also returned to the music industry with their second official album, “Lucifer.” They ranked first in charts such as Hanteo (album sales), and also swept music programs.

Girls’ Generation is currently taking the stage. Girls’ Generation has already ranked first numerous times in many music charts with “Oh!” and “Run Devil Run.” Additionally, the title song of their third mini-album, “Hoot”, has been sweeping every music chart so far this month.

YG saw much profit with Taeyang’s solo activities. Taeyang took over July with his “I Need a Girl,” and was praised for his singing and dancing abilities.

2NE1 also had a comeback with their first album and surprised everyone when they promoted three title songs during the same period. Their “Go Away”, “Can’t Nobody”, and “Clap Your Hands”, helped them get first place for more than three weeks on a music program that does not allow more than three awards per artist per promotional period. 2NE1 even managed to have their own title songs battle each other.

JYP’s biggest profit was debuting Miss A. Even though Miss A was merely a rookie group, their “Bad Girl Good Girl” placed first in major musical charts such as Melon and Monkey3 for four straight weeks in July. They even managed to snag first place on a musical program, showing that they were powerful rookies. Their newest track,”Breathe”, which had a unique and upgraded performance, also brought in a considerable profit.

JYP’s 2AM also swept first in many musical charts in the beginning half of the year with their song, “Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die.” Since their comeback with their first official album at the end of October, they are doing incredibly well with their two title songs, “You Didn’t Answer My Calls” and “Like Crazy.” 2PM was also on the charts with “I’ll Be Back”.

Other artists outside of the 3 major companies that have taken over the musical charts are DJ DOC, who caused an uproar with “I’m Like This,” Supreme Team with “Then Then Then,” IU, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, Secret’s “Madonna”, and Super Star K’s Hur Gak and Kang Seungyoon.

Do you have a favorite entertainment company? Which company would you like to join if you were given the chance?

SourceOsen and Koreaboo
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8 responses to “SM, JYP, and YG dominate the music industry

  1. i will choose sm although i gonna die bcuz of the contract hahaha
    just kidding but seriously,sm know how to promote their artist

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  3. Yaah SMtownJJAng isnt Super Junior also suppose to be on that list ?? No offence but but I dont think it makes sence 0.o

  4. oh well. excsme but they should put super junior along with another SM artists! their album sales is the highest till this nov.. ><

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