SNSD’s Seohyun Watches C.N Blue’s Concert!

Sharp-eyed fans at Baidu noticed a very interesting picure in the handmade notebook YongHwa gave to SeoHyun in Episode 30. This scene appeared for just a split second, but it was enough to show that SeoHyun did indeed attend CNBLUE’s first concert on July 31st.

There was a news report that mentioned her being there; but with the recent ‘mildang’ episode, confusing time jumps on WGM and lack of fan accounts there was some doubt to how true this was.

It’s nice to know then that SeoHyun was indeed there to support her Yong-nampyeon and his band. Hope we get to see Yong at an SNSD concert one of these days too 😉

Thank you to L1nn33 for posting the tip and for the many commenters who posted links, photos etc.!

As a comparison here are YongHwa and SeoHyun’s outfit on that Day:

YongHwa backstage after the concert

SeoHyun at Yuri and Tiffany's farewell stage on MBC Music Core earlier that day

Here are some news related to Seohyun watched CNBlue concert –>
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SNSD’s Seohyun caught the people’s eyes by attending her husband Jung Yonghwa’s concert. The two are appearing on MBC’s ‘We Got Married Season 2’ as an imaginary couple.

Seohyun watched C.N Blue’s solo concert held on the 31st in Seoul Ax-Korea. She seated herself on the second story with her party around 10 minutes after the concert began. She wasn’t noticed by the fans as the area was darkened due to the concert.

During the concert, Seohyun smiled at the members’ comments, stood up and applauded, and overall enjoyed the concert along with the fans. Expecting a crowd after the concert ends, Seohyun left before the ending song.

On a side note, Seohyun and Jung Yonghwa are gaining popularity through ‘We Got Married’ with their fresh new image. They are also called ‘YongSeo couple’, and calls each other ‘Hyun’ and ‘Yong’.

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Credit: 양 지원 기자@ISPLUS

For fancams and a more detailed report of the concert visit cnbluestorm

Update (10.06.2010)
A post from Kay77@soompi

According to one news report, Seohyun did attend CN Blue’s concert in Seoul. One of Yonghwa’s older brother’s friends did write on twitter that Yonghwa’s older brother got to meet Seohyun backstage. One of the WGM staff also wrote on twitter that indicate WGM filming backstage. They didn’t film WGM during the concert. Some of fan spoilers did mention something about Seohyun meeting Yonghwa’s parents and older brother backstage, but, however, it is not a confirmed spoiler.

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