[ENG SUB] WGM Yonghwa-Seohyun “Yongseo” Couple Ep. 30!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Translation: Armedbattle@soompi SeoHwa thread
Video: diadano1
Credit : TheYongHyun
Shared by RoyalFuchsia@SMTownJjang
Take out with full credit!!


23 responses to “[ENG SUB] WGM Yonghwa-Seohyun “Yongseo” Couple Ep. 30!!

  1. Holy smokes you guys are so godlike xD. I appreciate your work a whole bunch so I gotta drop my thanks ;D. TYTYTYTY yongseo ftw buahah

  2. I was nickhun bias,but i dont like nickhun with victoria,she is too much.so i dont watched their video.anyway i dont ship seohyun or yonghwa,but why i like yongseo more?hahaha what a cutie couple XD

      • hahaha! agree with you ^^
        khuntoria looks like real couple.. love to seeing both of them 🙂
        the skinship is the bonus! o(^_^)v

    • yeah..i kind of agree with you…i mean khuntoria does lots of sweet stuff but it looks a bit fake to me…not that i hate them ..they’re ok..also…victoria overact sometimes….

      anyways….more power to WGM and the YONGSEO couple..

  3. @khunn right right right,they are match eac other.yonghwa such a lucky guy have wife like seohyun.she is goddessss!i’am jealous.seohyun aaaaaah 😦

  4. @superf(x)generation wooww yongseo is REAL.they keep calling each other 🙂 seriously yonghwa should married seohyun!haha i love this couple.btw i watched inki today,AND YONG SEOBANG WHY SO NERVOUS?lol hyun buin damn pretty today!and they are also wear ring couple XD

  5. @sam1228 you know?victoria is too much aegyo,and her aegyo was not mature.so its just annoying to see her with my nickhun.i prefer him with yoona.for me SKINSHIP NOT EVERYTHING!go yongseo!!

  6. I like to watched yongseo and khuntoria but now, I like yongseo the most.! I hope they are real…

    I didnt watched any of khuntoria again. they are too romantic and I hate that

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