Jonghyun fansites shutting down amid outraged SHINee fans

With the news breaking that SHINee’s Jonghyun is dating actress Shin Se Kyung, it wasn’t all that shocking that Shin Se Kyung had to shutdown her Cyworld minihompy due to outraged Jonghyun fangirls.  However, another consequence of the relationship is starting to show, as Jonghyun fansites are starting to shutdown one by one.

Four prominent fansites that are now down include:

Additionally, hundreds of fans have already left SHINee’s fancafe and various anti-cafe sites have suddenly begun to prop up.

I assume they knew what they were getting into when they consummated this relationship, but at the rate the outrage is growing, their bond to each other will be tested early and often.

Thanks to geger for the tip.

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27 responses to “Jonghyun fansites shutting down amid outraged SHINee fans

  1. Hahaha wow, the power of fanatic fan girls huh? What are they thinking, that they will get to marry Jonghyun…? wow.. big ambitions… anyway, Poor Jonghyun and SeKyung. They actually look cute together. I think the outrage will regress with time, the fans will realise they made a mistake over such a little thing….

    • same thing i had in mind. those girls probably think they get the chance to marry jonghyun . really big ambition ‘coz just imagine having competition around the globe hahaha

  2. what the hell, anti fans? Ok i am jonghyun fans and i don’t even know that girl until today when i know this news so… I KNOW THT HURTS BUT WHY ANTI JONGHYUN OR THAT GIRL? that my name NG SHI YING bash me if you want to… i dont care now…. why anti them, it their life, they llove each other , right?

    • I’m a fan of jonghyun too and it was definitely shocking to hear this piece of news. can’t the ran girls just accept it and wish them happpiness?! IF YOU ARE TRULY A FAN OF JONGHYUN, YOU WOULD NOT BE AN ANTI OF SEKYUNG REASON IS THAT YOUR IDOL’S HAPPINESS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, YOU WILL SUPPORT HIM!!

  3. This is so heartbreaking, not because of the relationship. Is the after-effect instead. JUST LET THEM BE TOGETHER. For what they treated them that way? Poor Se Kyung and Jonghyun.
    When I read the news this morning, as shawol I am soooooo happy over it. I dun understand why those people cannot be like me.
    They are not realistic enough, they over fantasized themselves.
    I just hope both of them are doing well and fine.

    And thanks for the news. SMTown Jjang

  4. Oh I am sorry for my previous comment.I forgot the rules here that I cant bash people ‘agressively’.lol.but dear fanatic fans who made a huge shameful decision,think again that the one u admire (or used to) is someone who has his own life.
    Jjong,i am happy for u even I myself is a lil bit xD

  5. When I saw the news, just thought why those fans can’t accept the reality that jonghyun & shin se kyung dating ?? They are also human too. I think those fans just too much,, why can’t they accept like any other fans.. Although I’m not shinee’s fans but I feel sorry for jonghyun because some of his fans didn’t accept he dating shin se kyung..I think a true fan should support their artist

  6. This is just pathetic….obviously some people…..or in this case.. a lot have an issue grasping reality. Not only does it make kpop culture look bad… you make the artist themselves look bad. lol epic facepalm right here……

  7. LOL they can’t accept it cos they think they’re the ones that can marry him. LOL Jonghyun poor thing, if you didn’t found Se Kyung, a whole lot of site members will be your wife… LOL
    THEY’RE A CUTE COUPLE FOOLS! Antis are stupid, end of story. =.=

  8. i wish i can help one way or another. It is really hard when you fall in love with someone and you have to think of wat would happen, like being with her could kill her. And then one problem leads to more like anti fans and stuff mind you i am currently fourteen and i think i am watching a live drama.Well if there is anything that i could help please tell me.

  9. SO F****** RIDICULOUS!!!
    what do fangirls think?? geez, how they dare to call themselves as a fan???
    to me, as more they hate Jong as more I love him.
    Aanyways, sometimes Korean fans get out of control
    but I think other fans all around the world will understand

  10. whatever happens, may all TRUE SHAWOLS continue to support SHINEE even if they all decide to get married hahaha

    this incident separates true, sincere shawols from whatever-you-may call-them shawols. they should even be ashamed claiming they are a fan. you may say that you are their number one fan but if you don’t understand things like these, then that doesn’t make you a real fan. it’s like love. you give it unconditionally. As a true shawol, you give your support unconditionally.

  11. like omg don’t understand why the other fans have to act like that. its stupid.
    Jong is still my favorite :D:D and they look so sweet toheteher.

  12. How selfish, simple-minded, delusional and disgusting! Leaving Shinee because Jonghyun was dating?!! WOW! what will those people do when he gets married?!!! Suicide?! If so then they aren’t fans at all! In fact, they’re worse than antis! Go see a psychologist and get your brains rewired to prevent yourselves from becoming more insane! These so called fans need a wakeup call. FACE IT there is 0% chance he’ll ever date you crazy jealous fans

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