[TRANSCRIPT] 101011-101013 Super Junior Kiss The Radio

*H = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

101011 Famous kids in school

H: During my primary school, there was a new student from other school joined our class. To tell the truth, I was a popular kid in my school that time, so my friend came to me and said, “what should you do now? you have a new opponent”.
T: That new student also show his gums when smiling?
H: This has nothing to do with gums. That student received lots of love in our school, so I felt that I should switch to other school too. (laugh) Switching school is a good thing for handsome kids because they’re going to be famous in that school.
T: It’s really good, I know that. (laugh)
H: (speechless) (laugh)
T: I switched school after I finished my 1st grade. The day I switched to my new school was the election day for class monitor. After sitting down, the new classmates came toward me and said, “hey, I will vote for you”. “Why? why vote me?”. “Because I like you”. (laugh) So I became the class monitor in my 2nd grade, and 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…I was always voted as the class monitor. (laugh)
H: When is it? Primary school too?
T: Yes.

101012 Eunhyuk’s face

T: Lim Subin (audience) said, “I drew Eunhyuk oppa during my art class. I really tried my best to draw, but I only got grade ‘B’ for my drawing. The teacher told me that nextime I should draw someone who is good looking”.
H: Huh?
T: Someone who looks fresh and handsome, well there’s a lot of good looking people that you can draw. For example, Leeteuk. (laugh)
H: But she didn’t mention about you.
T: Wait, here are some new comments. LSJ (audience) said, “please don’t write like that”, and 6047 (audience) said. “I got grade ‘A’ because of Eunhyuk oppa, cheer up!”
H: That’s right, my face is a piece of art, it can’t be drawn like that.
T: Eunhyuk did you mean that you’re handsome?
H: No…
T: What’s wrong with you?
H: I never said that I’m handsome. Truthfully, I’m not…
T: Are you trying to be innocent?
H: No, I mean really, I don’t think I’m handsome.
T: So that’s why a lot of people are protecting you, “Eunhyuk oppa is a kind person, he shouldn’t be bullied”.
H: I’m not kind…
T: Aish, you really! (laugh)
H: (laugh)
T: Fine, you’re not kind.
H: Yes, I’m a fella. (laugh) By the way, did she score ‘B’ simply because of my face? The teacher really gave ‘B’ because the model isn’t good looking?
T: Well maybe the teacher gave ‘B’ because you looked like Rain/Bi.
H: Probably. (laugh)
T: It’s true. Eunhyuk’s fans might feel hurt when they read comment like this.
H: Is it? But I’m fine with it, as long as my name was mentioned in the comments. (laugh)
T: Lim Subin left a new comment, “I’m not hating Eunhyuk oppa, everyone please don’t get me wrong”.
H: Please don’t get her wrong.
T: Actually we already get used to this kind of topics, about my age and Eunhyuk’s gum. So we don’t really mind about that.
H: Nevermind, I believe that I look more handsome now. (laugh)
T: (laugh) But I can’t change my age. How I wish that time can move backwards…

101013 Leeteuk’s age

T: I really like christmas when I was young, because I would received presents and this made my heart feel warm. But now christmas doesn’t mean anything special for me.
H: Why?
T: Because we have concerts. (laugh)
H: Well I like it, because I can meet with fans during christmas. Leeteuk, please don’t get pressured as you grow older.
T: You’re so mean. (laugh)
H: Actually Leeteuk looks younger than his age. No one will notice you’re 28 if you don’t tell.
T: That’s true, that’s true.
H: You look young, just like 24 years old.
T: Please say 23.
H: Alright alright, this fella is only 23 years old. (laugh)
T: What? Did you call me fella just now?
H: No, nothing…

Source: KBS Cool FM [슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio]
Translated by: lovecraze@SJ-World.net

Please take out with full credit

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