6 English articles about Heechul’s domination on Twitter

Happy Kim Hee Chul day!

The Canadians reading this are probably celebrating Thanksgiving by over-indulging in turkey and mashed potatoes, but according to the astounding number of Asian teens on Twitter, today is Kim Hee Chul Day.

What is this day, and who is this man? You may be asking. And rightly so. I used our good friend Wikipedia in hopes of answering those questions. However, while I discovered that Hee Chul (sometimes spelled Heechul, which he sometimes mononymously goes by) is a South Korean music superstar, I did not find out why one girl had tweeted that today is the day “we celebrate Kim Hee Chul taking over social networking.”

I do know that Heechul is the ‘sub leader’ of 13-member boy band Super Junior, and that he sang a song by the popular band X Japan’s guitarist hide once.

So, in conclusion, I can’t answer all of your important questions about today or, really, about the world. It seems Kim Hee Chul Day has given us a perfect metaphor for life: it’s confusing, and no one has all the answers. (Also, it’s largely Asian.)

… Happy Thanksgiving/Kim Hee Chul Day!

Kim Heechul on Twitter.http://twitter.com/Heedictator
UPDATE: Changed the Twitter account linked to from @kimheechul to @Heedictator

Source : The Sheaf
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Kim Heechul, ‘Korean Justin Bieber,’ Takes Over Twitter (For A Day)

Sounds like 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber has some competition on Twitter: South Korea’s Kim Heechul.

There’s a bit of an age difference — Heechul is 27 — but both are musical heartthrobs for thousands of teenage girls with rabid social network followings.

Bieber (@justinbieber) may have the edge on Twitter followers — with 5.6 million to Heechul’s 245,000 — but Oct. 11 was the Korean’s day.

It seems as though thousands of fans declared the day “Kim Heechul Day” and used Twitter to spread the message. Tweets trickled in from South Korea and elsewhere until there was an international following, and curiosity, solidifying Heechul’s spot atop the Twitter Trends throughout the day.

Bieber fans often dominate the social network with links and tweets of support. In fact, it’s been said that up to 3 percent of Twitter’s servers are dedicated to Bieber chatter. Bieber himself is an avid user of the site, known to say some ridiculous things on occasion.

The comparison between the two was made repeatedly during Heechul’s reign in the coveted spot atop Twitter Trends. Mashable’s Associate Features Editor Matt Silverman tweeted, “It’s official: Kim Hee Chul is the Korean Justin Bieber.”

Source : The Huffington Post
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Why Is “Internal Server Error” Twitter’s Top Trending Topic?

UPDATE: As of a few minutes ago, “Internal Server Error” is now the third-highest trending topic worldwide.

–omitted parts that are not about heechul —

Because “internal server error” replaced “Kim Hee Chul,” a Korean pop star, as the top trending topic, some users joked that it was updates about the younger Kim on Twitter that caused the error. Others wrote that they missed the “fail whale” that used to appear when Twitter was over capacity.

Source : blogs.forbes.com
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Current Twitter trends: Kim Hee Chul, Banksy, Sachin Tendulkar, Thanksgiving

Korean pop singer and Super Junior member “Kim Hee Chul” is at the top of Twitter’s most talked about topics on October 11 at 7:30 AM GMT.

—-omitted parts that are not about heechul —
The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on October 11 at 7:30 AM GMT are:
Kim Hee Chul (new)
#myweakness (new)
#weedcommandments (new)
#youretooold (new)
Banksy (new)
Tendulkar (new)
Thou Shall (new)
Sachin (new)
Thanksgiving (new)
Koud (new)

source : The Independent
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SEOUL – A SOUTH Korean pop star is top of the ‘trending’ charts on micro-blogging site Twitter as hundreds of thousands of his fans bombard the site with messages for their hero.

‘Kim Heechul Day’ was declared by fans on October 11, sending the heart throb to the top of Twitter’s trending topics which led to international curiosity on the site for the not exactly world famous star.

Kim Hee-chul, often credited just as Heechul, is a pop singer, actor, presenter and disc jockey who is best known in South Korea as a member of the 13 member boy band Super Junior. And the celebrity was still leading the way on Twitter on Tuesday as the site’s top trending topic, the subject most users are discussing, as excited fans continued to bombard the site with Heechul tweets in several languages.

Twitter user kyuoppar tweeted Tuesday: ’10/10/10 Kim Hee Chul Day – We will forever commemorate this day as the day Kim Hee Chul took over social networking.’ Some fans want nothing less than world domination for their hero.

SweetSHINeeLove tweeted: ‘Just saw that Kim Hee Chul is the top trend NOW,TODAY,And this WEEK.If there was a ‘YEAR’ category Hee’d be there for sure.’ And brwncao added: ‘Well.. We all knew Kim Hee Chul was gonna rule the world one day…’

Heechul, 27, is being dubbed South Korea’s answer to Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation who often dominates the trending charts on Twitter. But not every tweet was from a fan, as Twitterer Kris-six typed: ‘What the hell’s a KIM HEE CHUL’? — AFP

Source: Straits Times
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Kim Hee Chul Dominates Twitter Trends – How the Korean Pop Star Became the New Justin Bieber

For four days, Kim Hee Chul has been in Twitter’s Trends list. But who is Kim Hee Chul and why is everyone tweeting about him?

As a member of the K-pop group Super Junior, and actor in popular teen dramas like Bad Family and Golden Bride, Hee Chul has been a household name in South Korea for over five years.

But most Americans don’t listen to Super Junior, have never seen Bad Family, and think Kim Hee Chul is some kind of pickled vegetable dish.

What sparked the Twitter Trends spike? First came the drawings, then came the questions.
On Saturday, October 9th, Hee Chul, (@heedictator on Twitter) posted drawings of himself and other K-pop stars created with the Uface character sketching iPhone app.

Super Junior fans went wild for the sketches, driving the pop star’s name up Twitter’s trending list. By Sunday, K-pop blogs like AllKpop and Daily Kpop News caught on to the action. Reports like theirs further promoted the trend.

Others, piggybacking on the 10/10/10 craze, declared it Kim Hee Chul Day.

Fully aware of the attention he was getting, Hee Chul responded to tweets from fans, posted more photos, and created a Facebook page.

He has too many friend requests to accept any more, and he has currently only accepted one from someone named Min Lee.

The second wave of tweets came from outsiders unaware of who or what a Kim Hee Chul is.

@Motley_Su: Every time I see the “Kim Hee Chul” trend, I keep thinking “Kim Chee Hell”

@Rick Swartz: Thanks to twitter, I know that Kim Hee Chul is a singer and benevolent ruler of Asia. His followers are also friendlier than Justin Bieber’s

Super Junior have been at the forefront of the growing popularity of the K-pop genre internationally and within the US. K-Pop fans aside, another 4 million people have already viewed the dancing Philippine prison inmates performing a choreographed number to the song ‘Sorry, Sorry’ in 2009.

The comparisons to Justin Bieber are apt. Bieber dominated the Twitter Trends list for months last spring before the site tweaked the algorithm to only feature those topics with sharp spikes rather than continuous masses of tweets, meaning that how long Kim Hee Chul will remain on the Trends list is uncertain.

@ChiyoTeukie: Who said Kim Hee Chul is Asian Justin bieber??? No Freaking Way!!! Kim Hee Chul is so much better than that KID <333

@RannoELF : Who the hill is Justin fuckin Bieber next to our Kim Hee Chul i didn’t want to talk about that kid but they got on my nerv i really hate it

@Cthoaang : No. Jus no . Don’t be going around saying Kim Hee Chul is the asian Justin Bieber . Or youll face the wrath of Kpop Fandom . ❤

On Facebook, the group We think Super Junior are better than Justin Bieber has over 3,000 likes. The fan page’s sister site ~Super Junior are much better than Justin Bieber~ has over 16,000 likes, although both sites have existed for months before the Kim Hee Chul Twitter craze.

In the sake of fairness, I compared Twitter volume between Bieber and Kim Hee Chul using Trendistic. Hee Chul’s fans (known as Elfs) are pushing to keep him trending for as long as possible. At its peak at 3:00 AM on Sunday, the trend reached 0.21%. Justin Bieber tweets often fall below 0.15%, averaging around 0.3%, climbing as high as 1.3% of all tweets in September during the VMA’s.

Although Kim Hee Chul’s place on the Trends list is largely in the hands of the post-Bieber algorithm, whether or not his the total volume of his tweets will exceed Justin’s relies entirely on the tenacity of the Elfs.

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2 responses to “6 English articles about Heechul’s domination on Twitter

  1. Kim Hee Chul was trending on twitter for really long !
    Helped out a bit ^^
    But seriously, alow calling Hee Chul asian version of Justin. It’s just not a comparison. And its sorta rude calling him an asian version of Justin Bieber because of the age difference. its the same as saying that Justin Bieber is someone that should be looked up to when in fact Hee Chul is more talented.
    I’m not an anti of Justin Bieber, but i just think he’s sorta over rated. Like, come on, give Hee Chul a chance is America, and he’ll do really good ! ^^

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